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Emma Ugolee Writes On Difference Between Being Legendary And Popular

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Read his article below…

At the forefront of the most commonly thrown about terms in describing celebrities  in Nigeria is the word: Legend.

Every one who has scored hits with movies/music gets granted the automatic status of a legend. This is wrong and disrespectful to those who deserve it.

I searched for all the definitions the world has given the word as an adjective and here are some of what I found. A luminary,  A person whose natural reflex is to be selfless and make an extraordinary effort to put others before themselves.

A Hero

A person who embodies the pinnacle of all the important social aspects

An Icon

One whose deeds inspires societal norms for generations

A Great person

A mega super star who many admire

A Leading light

One with an enduring legacy

This is hardly descriptive of just any successful entertainer. Legends do not come a dime a dozen.  They come few and far in between.

From 30 genres of music, the Grammy’s give 84 awards out on that night but ONLY ONE goes to an honored LEGEND. Same with the Oscars with 24 categories and ONLY ONE honorary Legends award.

Legendary status is far from moimoi.  Fela, Christy Essien, Oliver De Coque, Sunny Ade & Okosun are legendary musicians. Cyprain Ekwensi and Wole Soyinka Legendary writers. Dele Jegede Legendary painter. Pete Edochie & Olu Jacob Legendary Actors.

This is not about being old for I would conveniently call Malala Yousafzai,  Princess Diana and Innocent Idibia  Legends.

A Legends following is near spiritual and often traditional. Handed down. That’s why  Nate King Cole is in the karaoke halls i. 2018 after he died in 1965. Bob Marley, Pele, Michael Jackson, Sidney Poitier,  Elizerbeth Taylor, You don’t have doubts when a Legends name is dropped.

Mohammed Ali ? : CHECK!!

Mayweather ? : ummm scratches head.

It’s not just about being popular or a having few feats under your belt. Show me an overnight general in the army. Popularity is not greatness.  For the sake of the real legends let us all please join hands and stop the abuse.

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