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End killings now

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THE Nigerian Police have been working in recent weeks to arrest the people responsible for killings in the country, but the issue still remains that Nigerians are still being killed mindlessly, almost on a daily basis. The government has no excuses. We know there will be security breaches, but this has continued for far too long. On the average, in 2018, eight Nigerians are killed daily.

One of the basic responsibilities of government is security of lives and properties. In a Facebook post showing pictures of paraded criminals which includes three gun runners on Wednesday, May 9, 2018, ACP Abba Kyari in trying to make a claim that guerrilla war fares take time to win, mentioned ISIS and America’s involvement in the war against the terrorists, but, even though both are guerilla warfare, they are not on the same scale. ISIS is a group with a vast network across several continents spanning several countries and weapons no group of criminal have in Nigeria.

Never in the history of Nigeria has life been this cheap. This menace was also in 2016 and it was later brought to an end. What are the solutions we applied in 2016 that we have failed to apply in 2018 and what are the solutions we applied in 2016 that have failed us in 2018?

It saddens me that my compatriots are being killed mindlessly.

I don’t care who the killers are, I don’t care what the motives are, I only want one thing, end the menace.

Another thing that makes me sad though, even ending the menace will not bring back the properties destroyed, it won’t heal the maimed, it won’t bring succor to families torn apart, it won’t change the status of the children rendered orphans and the women rendered widows, it won’t bring back the dead. That is the sad reality!

  • Adeyemi Ahmed Abiodun,

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