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Ensuring liberty, freedom in the face of terrorism

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It is a commonly held that Nigeria since her return to civil rule in 1999 has been faced with pressing national security challenges across its six geopolitical zones. The spate of bomb blasts, kidnapping, pipeline vandalism and other forms of criminalities is escalating trends of conjugal terrorism meanwhile the high pace of kidnappings, armed robbery and political assassinations is another dimension to the security challenges which constitute a great peril to every fabric of our existence.

This menace has been presenting inclination to political dissatisfaction, ethnic and religious differences, discernible societal neglect and pervasive poverty among the people. However, the outbreak of Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria marked yet another phase in the recurring pattern that violent uprising, riots and disturbances have become in Nigeria. Given the heterogeneous nature of the Nigerian society, the religious sensitivity of Nigerians, and the protracted military rule that ended with the advent of civil rule in 1999, the situation could perchance not have been different.

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But what is alarming is the forceful attempt by religious fundamentalists to oblige a religious ideology on a constitutionally recognised secular society. Boko Haram poses an enormous and intricate threat to national security and not only has it been detrimental to human security, economic development and political stability which but also portends detrimental ramifications for the corporate existence of Nigeria.

There is massive poverty, lack of access to educational opportunities, unemployment and ignorance due to limited educational opportunities; and government corruption, including exploitation of assets. In this trend, the maintenance of law and order in Nigeria has been very challenging to the extent that the ability to manage internal security by security agencies is being doubted by the citizenry.

Currently, the issue of Boko Haram cannot be ignored particularly as it has become one of the greatest threats to our corporate existence. Yet we all must understand that we have a big task in our hands and we must resolve that this task of ensuring the safety of our dear nation is not pushed to the background. Every form of terrorism must be met with greater national resolve to entrench freedom of our citizens. We adhere to liberty and justice. These are our fundamental human rights.

Okanlawon Othman, Kwara State

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