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‘Entrepreneurship antidote for youth unemployment’

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By Gbenga Olarinoye, Osogbo
The Chairman, Caretaker Committee, Ife Descendants Student Association, Mr Eluyera Oladipupo, has described entrepreneurship as the antidote for youth unemployment in the country

Oladipupo gave this submission while speaking with our correspondent in Osogbo on the entrepreneurship summit scheduled for December 6, 2018 in the ancient city of Ile-Ile.

Some of the youths that participated in the conference

He said the benefits of entrepreneurship today, cannot be overemphasized because it an antidote for youth unemployment.

Speaking on the significance of the summit, NIDSA President said the members of the association are passionate about entrepreneurship, saying it is extremely relevant today given the unemployment challenges that we face in Nigeria and Africa at large.

He said: ” we are here to tell the people of the state, especially the youth on the need to be self reliant, and to tell them about the entrepreneurship summit we are planing to organize on December 6, this year”.

“The essence of the programme came as a result of high sense of unemployment in Nigeria and the need to provide solution to some vital issues.

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“We all understand that entreprenueship is the cornerstone of every economy and it has the transformational power.”

“And as an indigenous association we have been looking into our environment and we have been able to identify solutions to problem of unemployment in our Community.”

“Ife resources is under develop because it is not commercialized as it ought to be and that is the reason why it cannot be on a comparative level like Lagos and other developed states. ”

“So the programme is an action deciding one the major reason is to create an orientation in the youth on entrepreneurship for youth to engage in it. ”

“Everybody know that the country is not working well for the youth anymore with the vast million of unemployed youths.”

“It has become very important for every youth to look inward and know what entrepreneurship engagement you can engage in rather than looking for a white cola job before you can have a good means of living.”

“Even the out going governor of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola and the vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo have said people should look for an alternative on the issue of unemployment through entrepreneurship engagement. Both of them have emphasised on the necessity of the youth to engage in agriculture, that is why it has become part of the reason why the president want to diversify the economy of the country so as not to depend on oil.”

“The country is diversifying into agriculture because the country wants to increase the rate of exportation so that we can get more money which is more of what we want to preach at the program. ”

“The government is not helping the youth anymore because they are also helpless, so youth have to think on how to create jobs for other youths. We have temporary example like nairaland ,which the owners is a graduate of OAU. ”

Enugu govt commends NBC youth empowerment programme

“He has been able to create employment for many people and we have other vast entrepreneurial who are creating jobs for youth. We should not wait to be graduate before we create jobs. We can create job for our self. ”

“Entreprenueship is a transformational engagement. We have brought up season entreprenueral , we have two senior advocate of Nigeria , we are going to be there , we have assistant director general of GTbank of Osun State and Mathew from Lagos. These people are to give practical way forward for the youth. The event will be based on majorly something practicable and how to start a business.

“You don’t need to have huge amount of money before you can start a business. Mathew Arowoke is coming to speak on intellectual capital. He said to me when I spoke to him on this topic, he said that the major problem that has to be addressed is not even physical capital but intellectual capital.

“Think of something entrepreneurship you can do to help your community, don’t wait until you graduate before you look inward. Look inward on how to create job for yourself and people around you.

“We are expecting 300 participants, we are not limiting this scope only to our indegens, we understand that this problem is not limited to our indegens alone. ”

“We want Ife to become economic hub where people from different communities and states come to seek goodies. Indigenes of Ife should not have to go to Lagos, Ibadan or Abuja before they can survive. ”

“Ife should be a place that can sustain development and can assist people to earn a great means of living. So you don’t have to travel to other states to sustain a living. ”

“Every American can sustain a living in their state without traveling to other states. America is one of the largest country in the world which has 50 states. ”

“We are hoping that when we create this orientation the youths will be able to create ideas and innovative strategies to create job. ”

“After that we are hoping that Ile-Ife becomes a place where life can be sustained and where you can explore any endeavor you want to engage in. ”

“But We are much centered on our people because the issue of youths unemployment is a national issue. The rate of unemployment is increasing in the country. “

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