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Epileptic Power: Micro grids provide alternative power source

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By Prince Osuagwu
A Canadian hybrid energy provider, WATT Renewable Corporation, is bringing hopes of constant electricity again to Nigerians. Managed in Nigeria by its subsidiary, WATT Renewable Limited has proved that constant electricity can better be achieved by technological advancements than relying fully on utility power grids. The company, through its micro grid technology said it is bringing power back to homes, businesses, schools and clinics within an under-served community called Loburo, Mowe in Ogun State.

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This is in addition to having recently reached an agreement to provide a Proof of Concept to a telecommunication technology provider with a view to deploying WATT hybrid energy solution to over 300 of its Base Tower Stations. The busy Mowe community which is said to have been severally ignored and under-served with grid electricity, is now having 24/7 electricity by 10kW solar micro grid, owned by the Nigerian managed Canadian power company.It supplies more than 10 homes and businesses, including a clinic, two schools, and a variety of small commercial shops.

According to the Chief Operating Officer at WATT Renewable Corporation, Oluwole Eweje, the residents have confessed to a huge difference to their lives since the tech energy company arrived.Eweje said: “Light from roof systems can improve quality of life, but only microgrids can lift people out of poverty because it allows people build businesses and other sources of income which improve the resilience of communities against drought or climate change. We raise money through Foriegn Direct Investment and this helps us cushion the effects of tariff reductions we offer to the residents,” he added.

Renewable micro grids are cropping up all around the world as developing and developed countries alike turn to them for their increased resiliency and flexibility. The speed with which they can bring electricity makes them decisive for countries with lower electrification rates such as Nigeria. Microgrids offer an opportunity for communities to move up the energy ladder quicker and with greener energy than expansion of a central grid.

Eweje said that WATT’s unique selling point is engaging in intensive community engagement session with community leaders and members of the community to better understand community needs and affordability.

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