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Ex-militants call for meeting over N’Delta

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By Emma Amaize, Editor, South-South

THERE was a call by the Council for Mass Action in the Niger Delta on all ex-militant groups and leaders to converge for a strategy-planning session on the way forward, citing failures by the Federal Government to take Niger Delta matters seriously.

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The Council noted, “The time has come for all men of goodwill to return to the drawing board. It is time to redeem, rescue and salvage the Niger Delta.”

“We wish to call the attention of all people of the Niger Delta, the international community and all men of goodwill to the increasingly poor treatment that the Niger Delta and its people have been receiving.

“The past three years has been an intensely terrifying experience for the Niger Delta and its people.

“For three whole years and counting, the government of General Muhammadu Buhari, a former dictator and now President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, has deliberately launched a campaign to subdue, neglect and abandon the Niger Delta.

“For three years and counting, there has been no new project and no new vision for the Niger Delta.

“Instead, resources from the Niger Delta are being channelled to fund interventionist programmes in North East Nigeria.

“More than $6.4 billion has been spent on intervention programmes in the North Eastern region of Nigeria.

“A $2 billion Refinery project is being planned for the border town of Mashi in President Buhari’s home state of Katsina.

“The refinery project will also include a multibillion dollar pipeline that will run from Katsina state to Niger Republic.”

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