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EXCLUSIVE: OWAN 2019!!! Behold The Paradigm Shift – Prince Harrison Opens Up In A Groundbreaking Interview – DETAILS 

EXCLUSIVE: OWAN 2019!!! Behold The Paradigm Shift – Prince Harrison Opens Up In A Groundbreaking Interview – DETAILS 

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Prince Harrison Imona Ehimiyen, a Principal Private Secretary to the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Ibe Kachikwu, and currently House Of Representatives Aspirant for Owan Federal Constituency of Edo State speaks in an exclusive interview with Post-Nigeria.

Here are the excerpt:

PN: Who is Prince Harrison?

Harrison: My name is Prince Harrison, my name may not be a household name in the larger political space but I think every student activists will know the name. From the student angle, its a household name but from the larger political world, its obviously not a household name. With time, it probably will gain momentum and get across every nooks and crannies of the political stage. We are working tirelessly to see how we can build the name to become a household name like the Tinubus and the Atikus of this world.

PN: Why do you decide to dive into the murky water of Nigerian politics or is someone somewhere pushing you?

Harrison: There is an assumption by certain individuals that politics is bad because of that, certain individuals shouldn’t get involved. If we continue with that illusion, the good people may never get involved. That is why it is important for young people with aspiration and good intent to step in. It may not be achievable at first shot but consistency will surely pave way for success. I decided to get involved because I feel I have what it takes, I feel this is the time for me to also feel the Leadership vacuum in my constituency. creates room. If I refuse, my conscience and posterity will probably not forgive me.

PN: You are currently running a Prince Harrison foundation, where young people are being empowered. What is the Foundation All About ?

Harrison: The Prince Harrison foundation was borne out of passion. I have been involved in a lot of activism from my university days but my present job, gave me the platform to leverage on the network I have to be able to institute Prince Harrison foundation. Thus far, I have been able to use the God given position well enough to affect the lives of people not because I have it, but because of the network available at my disposal. The foundation is totally different from my political aspirations because all of the jobs we have done in the foundation was not focus on my constituency. It was focus on Edo State. so if I was involved in politics and I wanted my foundation to do a political job, everything my foundation would have done so far would have been concentrated in Owan Constituency. Nobody can accuse me that I am using my foundation to advance my political career because there is nothing we have done in my foundation that showcase that I am advancing a political ideological agenda. So my foundation is borne out of passion and zeal.

PN: Do you have a political Godfather? If not, how will you contend with the political forces that have the financial warchest ?

Harrison: It is actually a difficult issue because at the moment, I do not have an individual who is speaking in my favour as a political god father. However, let them hear it now, that I am available to be adopted as a political godson.

PN: Will you accept if a PDP Chieftain with financial war chest decide to adopt you as a political godson?

Harrison: I am already in APC. If any acclaimed PDP politic godfather wants to adopt me, why adopting me? Is it that I do not have a roof over my head? I am not looking for someone to take me into a house. I have a house which is APC. The godfatherism I am talking about is probably leaders from different angles who will project my interest and also serve as a mentor to me under the APC roof.

PN: How do you change the narrative that the National Assembly engage in a sort of thuggery to achieve their sinister motives?

Harrison: As a matter of fact, I do not believe that all Lawmakers are touts. For the few times we have had issues in the National Assembly, everybody there wasn’t involved in the crisis. it was tied to certain individuals. So I think we should play more emphasis on the whole and not just a few individuals who by reasons of individual interest decide to do certain things dishonourably. it is not enough to discredit the entire Lawmakers. My intention is clear. The National Assembly is known for Lawmaking. As a young person, in my declaration of intent, it was clearly stated that I will achieve my objective via lawmaking , lobbying, networking with other people, to ensure that what is due to my constituency is largely carried out.

PN: What are your agenda for your constituency, if elected?

Harrison: My constituency is made up of a whole lot of youths, the youths need certain re-orientation and redirection, they need jobs, healthcare and quite a whole number of things which I may not be able to do in one day. But first, I need to give them a voice and once we are recognized as a major voice, then people can now start listening to us and the issues can be tabled one after the other and collectively, we can solve them or find solution to them.

PN: How do you contend with the House of Representatives, Deputy Majority Whip, Pally Iriase, that is from your constituency. Will you be able to defeat him in 2019?

Harrison: I am not in contest with his wealth. I cannot match his wealth. If the good people of Owan feel that they want to remain with the old and not create a new path, the choice is theirs. That is why for me its not a do or die affair. I do not have money to throw around but I have ideas to throw around, I do not have money to throw around but I have capacity to throw around. Amongst everyone of us contesting thus far, I am sure I am the youngest. I have a content that I am offering, I have a capacity, I am bringing something to the table. If you go through my declaration of intent one after the other, you will see that they were carefully crafted. The things I state there are not rocket science, they are realistic and they have timelines. Things I need to deliver. The difference is that over the years, successive leaders have not been looking at performance but they have been looking at the wealth and the empire they are building for themselves, that is the paradigm shift I am bringing to see that things change and that is my appeal to the younger people that they should see this as a responsibility. At the end of the day, even if I win or not, my appearance would have opened the door for the younger generation to take their destiny in their hands

PN: What is your intake on the controversy between the executive and the legislature on constituency project?

Harrison: I have heard so much about constituency project, I am not there yet, I do not know the modus operandi of how constituency project runs, I have checked the 1999 constitution as amended, there is no section in the constitution where constituency project was listed. In my candid opinion, there is nothing wrong with constituency project. What is probably wrong about it is the means of execution , how it is being executed is probably what they may need to review.

PN: Do you have anything you will do differently for the good people of Owan Federal Constituency if elected ?

Harrison: of course, of course, of course!!! First, Owan federal Constituency is known for her tourist potential. unfortunately, it has not been harness. if you come to Owan, we have certain festivals and traditions, we call it age group, so colourful. we also have the mines, the stones, and a whole lot of other things. My responsibility is to sponsor a bill through the Ministry of Mines and Steel to ensure that those areas in Owan where these mineral resources are lying waste are harnessed, thereby creating jobs for my constituent. Secondly, I will collaborate with the Ministry of Art and Culture to see how we can also expand our cultural root. I will also speak with the Ministry of Education about Afuze. Afuze is one of the games centre in Edo State, attention is not given to that institution. We will revamp and upgrade the institution. Once it is upgraded to either a polytechnic or a mono-technic as it is, attention would be shifted to that place, then the environment will gain attention, people in that area will gain jobs and a whole lot of other activities will also spring up. If you have this on Owan, jobs will increase, people will be more engaged, crime will reduce, at the end of the day.

PN: Recently, you launched a campaign via the social media soliciting for campaign fund, how has the response been so far?

Harrison: I have had a lot of promises, that was probably what led to the godfather or individual who is sponsoring me. I have targeted my work to those who believe in my capacity. the essence is, the people who believe in you, fund you. quiet a number of promises have been made, I do not lack fund for my election, I do not have the millions others have, neither do I lack fund to finance my election. in other words, I am good to go.

PN: Are you popular in Owan or are you one of the Abuja based politicians? How has your communication line with your constituency been?

Harrison: There is hardly any place in Owan, out of the 22 Wards, that my face is not seen. Do they know me in person? They probably may not know me in person and its not everybody that knew Buhari in person when they voted Buhari but they saw his face, either on the media or campaign materials or by somebody mentioning his name which is synonymous in politics. True, will they get to know me?, Yes. when the political activities kick start effectively, obviously I will move from one destination to another. With that continue when I eventually emerge? Yes. Grab a copy of my declaration of intent, that will help you because all of the things I have set out, I will do them. It has never happened in Owan but I have stated, that if elected, as part of my Owan first agenda, I am going to put up a regular town hall meeting and a General Assembly where Owan, within and outside the country will converge to discuss the future of Owan people from there, we will pick it up. The truth about this is that with my exposure and leadership experience, I may be young but I have got quiet a number of leadership exposure. I cant determine what my people want. I want them to determine by themselves, What it is that they need. Gone are the days when you come in as a Leader because you were voted and you have political power, you want to decide for the people that this is what I want to do, not asking them if actually they need it. You see people buying tricycle, wheelbarrow and different things in the name of empowerment program, doing boreholes in different places and some of the boreholes are eventually abandoned. It is my responsibility to call my people. Owan is divided into clans. I am going to hold regular General Assembly in the clans and ask them what they want. By the time I discuss with them and we agree on what we should do and how we would go about it, it will become a holistic thing. it will be a collective responsibility . Every Ward will have a Prince Harrison Liason office. In all the Wards, there will be a Liason officer for Prince Harrison so, if you are from Ward 7, and there are things you need to discus with me, you don’t need to pay transport from your village. Just stroll to your Ward and register what you need to register, in less than 24 hours, the person who is my Liaison officer in the Ward will communicate to me. Phones are everywhere, Internets are everywhere. With your phone, you can send a message, you can send a whatsapp. If it takes you snapping the person and sending it via whatsapp, it will do, if it is a health problem, we know what to do. this is how I intent to run the communication line.

PN: Thank you sir for your time.

Harrison: Thanks


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