Expert seeks remedy for tomato Ebola

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The National President, Farm Management Association of Dr Damian Agom, has called for high-profile researches to tackle Tuta Absoluta and enhance food security.

The disease is the scourge of tomato growers which destroys the crop in few days.

Farmers have reported the reoccurrence of TutaAbsoluta which can cause significant crop loss, through a reduction in yields and in quality.

Agom, who is also the Head, Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension, Akwa Ibom State University, Uyo, wants experts to be involved in projects to tackle the disease to enable growers maximise their yields and remain profitable.

According to him, reduction of TutaAbsoluta should be a priority. With the plant disease resulting to about 40 per cent harvest losses, he said finding new methods to control it would be very important.

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He said it was necessary to have insights into how some plant-diseases spread. This, he believes, will not only contribute to future food security but also help to create opportunities to enhance knowledge of plant-disease resistance, as well as uncovering potential new targets for better control of microbes.

For him, new solutions would help growers make significant financial savings through a reduction in infected plants through early diagnosis and reduced crop losses.

A team of scientists from the National Horticultural Research Institute (NIHORT), Ibadan, Oyo State, have discovered a technology that would eradicate the disease.

In a report, the Leader of the team, Dr. Abiola Oke, explained that the technology is effective in handling the challenge.

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Oke, an entomologist/researcher, said the technology, which was developed after a research has proven to tackle the challenges.

She said his team found out that tomato Ebola is active at night and is attracted to light, hence, it developed the technology involves the use of a tray and rechargeable lamp.

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