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Expert to Facebook users: Avoid data leakage on platform

Expert to Facebook users: Avoid data leakage on platform

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An IT expert, Mr Charles Douglas, says the safest and most efficient way of stopping Facebook and other social network sites from tracking ones browsing history is by installing DNT+ in the web browser.

DNT+ or “Do Not Track Plus’’, is a free-of-charge browser extension for blocking trackers on the internet.

Douglas, who works with Phoenix Hubs, gave the advice in an interview on Monday in Abuja.

He gave a few tips on how to avoid losing Facebook information (contacts, messages and locations) to third party users in view of the recent Facebook data leakage of over 87 million users worldwide.

The Founder of Facebook, Mr Mark Zuckberberg, who was interrogated by the U.S. Senate, admitted that the organisation needed to have a more secure platform to forestall further exposure of data to the public.

Douglas said “DNT+, when installed as an extension of ones browser, can expand each section and see exactly which of these social sites have been blocked.

“For example, when visiting, you can use DNT+ to automatically block Facebook, twitter and more. If your main concern is blocking social networks and advertisers, DNT+ is a great way of doing that.

“In order to stop sharing of your location information with third parties on Facebook, it is better to turn off your location history on the app,” he said.

He said it was very vital to keep Facebook data private as it might be leaked out just like what happened recently on the platform, where data of over 50 million profiles were leaked to a consulting firm.

Douglas said that when people voluntarily release their information to Facebook and install it onto your mobile phone device, “it has gone public.’’

“When you install Facebook onto your mobile device, it automatically grants permissions across your mobile device to access your SMS, MMS, camera, microphone, location, and other data.

“By installing the app, you have given Facebook permission to use any of these settings at any time. You can change these permissions,’’ he said.

“Just the way your browsing activity is monitored by browsers like Google, Mozilla and social media; Twitter, Facebook also monitors this information and stores them in the form of cookies on their servers, which they in turn sell to advertisers  to have a targeted audience.’’

Douglas noted that Facebook users could go to app settings on their Facebook account from their device, and clear all browsing data from websites you visited while using Facebook app.


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