Female fashion items men actually hate

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YOU’VE heard it many times – much of what women parade, in the name of fashion, is sometimes in an attempt to please the male folk. And many men have not failed to show their admiration for many of these items.

However, interestingly, some of these items that have become big trends are items men secretly loathe, with some of them admitting that, while they seemed to favour them in public, the women they considered serious in their lives would know better than to make these items part of their style favourites. Makeover got talking with a cross-section of men on stylish items women seem to favour that they actually hate:


Crop top

They are trending at the moment and it would seem many men do not seem to approve. For IT expert, who simply identified himself as Seun, “It doesn’t look like something that should be worn outside private confines and, in my opinion, it is trashy for a woman to expose that part of her body. I understand that it may be in the attempt to show off your flat stomach, but in reality, it ends up making her look like a child. It is immature and only ends up making the lower garment oddly placed.”


When asked what he thought of chokers, Martins burst into laughter. When he collected himself, he said: “You remember that Lagos socialite accused of leashing those ladies months ago? What did those chains look like? Whoever invented that thing and saddled women with the responsibility of adorning themselves with that, in the name of fashion, must have hated all the women in his or her life. With due respect, whenever I see chokers, all I can think of are dogs. Even the label, ‘choker’ is enough to tell you everything. It’s a big turn-off for me.”

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Many designs for jumpsuits do not necessarily take into note that the woman may need to use the rest-room, was the submission of Charles, a photographer. “I work with women a lot and with the jumpsuit designs I’ve seen, I would absolutely suggest that outfit be left out of any sensible woman’s wardrobe. I keep imagining the lady going to a public restroom and the sight is not in the very least pleasurable. Imagine having to strip almost naked before using the toilet, all in the name of fashion? It’s a no-no for me.”


Highwaist pants

For the men who spoke with Makeover on their take on highwaist pants, the general opinion was in the negative, and the reason all pointed to one thing – the way the backside is presented in the overall outlook. “High-waist skirts are usually very beautiful. For the pants’ version, it’s not that they are bad in the sense of the word. However, the way the pants shape the backside can be very irritating. It moulds the back area into such a repulsive shape and the woman looks a little skewed. I honestly don’t understand how women choose these items as trends,” Ikechukwu, a postgraduate student, lamented.


Very long hair extensions

For Emmanuel, an accountant, who really doesn’t mind the use of extensions, but actually claims he’d pick the natural hair first any day, very long hair extensions, whether in the form of braids or weaves, are pushing the absurdity of fashion too far. “There is such a thing as too much, and for me, very long hair extensions take the prize. I saw a lady on a motorcycle with pink hair extensions, and they were so long, all I could picture was that if she wasn’t careful, the braids would find themselves locked somewhere between the tyres. What exactly is the point of these ridiculous lengths? They are so obviously fake, so, where exactly is the sense in rocking them?”

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‘Bold’ fashion statements

Unusual hair colours, grotesque fashion accessories, ripped jeans, very miniskirts, loud makeup, loud outfits, among others all fall under the ‘bold’ fashion items as far as men were concerned. For many of the guys who spoke with Makeover, bold colours for them, as it related to hair, were colours that would not fall into the usual categories of shades of hair colours. For Bolaji, an entrepreneur, “I’m fine as long as the hair colour is the natural hair colour shade. Even the ombre colour thing or deep purple, is still acceptable. But when a woman goes outside these colours and starts sporting colours such as green, pink, white, blue, honestly, all I see is a female clown. And I would say the person’s hair stylist and close pals are her enemies to have allowed her leave the house with such bizarre hair colour.” For bold-coloured outfits, Kelvin said: “As a woman, you’re already attracting enough attention with a modest outfit and a pleasant personality. When you add bold colours to the outfit, you’ve only ended up shooting yourself in the leg. Sure, you may think you’re attracting more attention than necessary, but you know that thing they say about flies, maggots and trash?”

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