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FG’ll probe Customs, electricity firm’s exploitation, says Osinbajo

FG’ll probe Customs, electricity firm’s exploitation, says Osinbajo

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Juliana Taiwo-Obalonye, Abuja

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has promised to investigate some Customs officers over allegation of bribery.

The vice president also expressed dissatisfaction with the services of the Nigeria Bulk Electricity Trading Company, particularly the habit of over-billing customers, which, he said, portrays the government in bad light.

He made the remarks during a live programme on a radio station, monitored by Daily Sun, yesterday, in Abuja.

The presenter of the reality programme also known as “Ordinary president”, had alleged that the President Muhammadu Buhari’s government was perceived to be unfriendly to the common man.

He narrated the case of a widow whose merchandise was confiscated by Customs officers after allegedly collecting N200,000 bribe from her. He alleged that some Customs officers  illegally confiscate citizens’ vehicles and other goods hiding under duty fees.

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Responding to the complaints, Osinbajo promised to stepped into the case involving the Customs and the widow whose 350 bags of rice were ceased after the Customs officers had allegedly collected N200,000 bribe from her.

“I will look into this Customs matter; we must resolved it. We will make sure those people mentioned will be held to account,” Osinbajo assured.

The presenter, Ahmed Isah, also complained to the vice president that Nigeria Bulk Electricity Trading Company was over billing customers, thus, giving the government a bad name. He Osinbajo some documents, which he said took him six months to gather to prove the corrupt practices going on in the company.

He alleged that the money stolen from the company, which, according to him has 47 staff since inception, was more than 11 states budget combined.

Isah, while challenging the vice president to investigate the allegations, said he was ready to go to prison if his claims are proven to be lies.

On the complaints by a caller from abroad, about the school feeding programme in some parts of Ogun State, Osinbajo promised to look into the issue. He, however, said about 9.2 million children enjoy the benefits in school feeding programme daily.

He also said all the produce are from local farmers with, at least, 6.8 million eggs used daily to improve the economy.

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He also promised to appoint two aides from his office as liaison officers to the programme, to gather first hand complains that would enable the government intervene.

Osinbajo assured that the Buhari’s administration is for the common and its focus to take Nigerians out of poverty.

“The president’s focus has always been on the common man. This government is government of the masses. Our concentration is how things will be better for the masses. So, when we came, we decided on a few things to tackle youth unemployment.

“We have employed 500,000, so far. Many are teachers, health workers and project assistants in farms. The major thing is for us to employ more than 500,000.”

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