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GKS warns on dangers inherent in quick riches

Nigerian man reveals how a former employee he was trying to help almost stabbed him to death 

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By Sam Eyoboka, Warri

GOD’s Kingdom Society (GKS), has warned of grave dangers inherent in the get-rich-quick mentality of many people in Nigeria and in the world generally, stating that those who are in a hurry to be rich eventually end up in disgrace, humiliation, misery, poverty and eventually, in death.

Addressing thousands of youths from all over the country who converged at Salem City, Warri, the church headquarters for the national youths assembly, president of God’s Kingdom Society (GKS), Brother Godwin Ifeacho, stated that “those who are in a hurry to be rich resort to the devil’s devices, which are to steal, to kill and to destroy and involve themselves in fraud, gambling of all sorts, pyramid banks, secret cults or societies, ritual practices and so on.”

Stating that wealth which was got without hard work did not have value and would go as easily as it came, he pointed out that those who got rich overnight “develop tastes for illicit drugs, gambling, drinking, living flamboyant life styles (buying expensive cars, wrist watches, gold/diamond rings and necklaces) loose women, compulsive shopping and so many vainglorious pursuits or pastimes.

“Instead of planning for and doing what they should do in “summer time,” when they are still in good health and are strong, and have the opportunities, some become lazy and start scheming how to resort to devilish means to become rich overnight. They forget that he who must climb the ladder must begin at the bottom,” the GKS president said.

Warning female youths to avoid being lured into having affairs with loose and ungodly men who spend money freely, he stated that many girls in their quest for money to buy expensive phones, fashionable wears, and jewelry, make up, wrist watches, etc. had ended up being victims of ritualists, or had been dragged into the web of armed robbers and secret cults.”

The 15th Triennial Youth Assembly of the GKS which began on August 16, ended yesterday and featured among other things, a Bible Quiz among various zones in Nigeria and Canada, drama, sports, muscial performances, symposia and a Special Thanksgiving service.

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