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Gov’nor Mathematical

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I love Chief Patrick Olusegun Odegbami. Many Nigerians also do. But I won’t place a bet on the generality or even a majority of Ogun people so doing. There is this “see finish” syndrome with close neighbours. Except one is permanently led and controlled by the Spirt of God, meltdown moments are not always hidden from everyday people around you and personalities like him, are mostly judged, mainly on the “see finish” platform, even when conclusions are drawn on hastily-judged premises, for moments that would ordinarily be allowed to pass for “ordinary” people.

Does it sound as if I knew of scandalous stories being peddled by his people against him, that made him unworthy of succeeding Governor Ibikunle Amosun? Far from it. If anything, he’s one known face in the country that still retains most of his rep (trying to soundfunky). Apart from when he got into Glass House (what a name for a football association of everyday stone-throwing) politics, with things getting a bit rough plus the audacious FIFA presidency run and well, maybe the Funmi Iyanda Baby Mama stuff, Bros Sege, could pass for a saint with the Nigerian crowd. But his electoral fate is in God’s hand, using Ogun oldies and old-enough-to-vote, men and women, princes and peasants, free-born and the bound, to get him to Oke-Mosan, if, it’s his destiny.

It presupposes he would not be an average Nigerian politician who helps God to prophesy to himself, before entering electoral contest. Many even get to wangle their ways to office when such isn’t in the plans of their Maker for them. The result of such brute force by free moral agent is always there for all to see. Mesmeric necromancers also get to milk these characters sufficiently, because they want to hear when God isn’t saying, all in a bid for a spiritual cushioning in the implementation of their self-imposed destinies and deluding convictions when executing electoral shenanigans. That game is ongoing in Osun and My Father in heaven is laughing.

If God is truly sending Odegbami on a liberation voyage, He would see him through, regardless. If he was just genuinely concerned about the people and his inner man is at peace with his mission, with God, nothing shall be impossible. If it was just an impulsive kick, but aimed truly at positively changing the game, the path may be tortuous, but The Lord who sees the heart of man, is able.

Let it, however, not just be a whim, the feeling of, am I not better than these fellows calling the shots, of, why waste this larger-than-life Mathematical brand, or of, is it not time, people like us get involved, because if it is all about I-beta-pass-my-neighbour, touchline ALGEBRA would fail Baba Sege and BODMAS would disappoint him. He should double-check his purpose.

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While oratory may not necessarily be a major maker of fecundity, nobody would rule Odegbami a dummy. Some garrulous states in America, would by now be drooling over his kind, with top-of-the-drawer campaign fund being coordinated for his ambition, simply for showing interest. Everyday people over there would pour personal money into his campaign. He would be the typical rock-star candidate.

Yes, Nigerians may have limits to worshipping their heroes, but Odegbami will always be big, anywhere. The last time I was in the state, he wasn’t yet a political item, so it would be difficult being categorical about how Ogun is bubbling over him now. The roads in the state aren’t also too encouraging for another trip anytime soon, despite having a family leg over there.

His entry into the race can’t definitely be without its expected excitement, though his declaration line sounded a little too contiguous with the swan-song of the systemic people he wanted to end their reign. The Weah momentum around the continent should drape pleasantly on Bro Sege’s shoulder. I sense two of the three major instruments of achieving electoral successes the Nigerian way, should not be too difficult for him to harness; plenty of dough and emergency godfathers, including those who supply thugs. The third which is becoming the most crucial is having the security, being tele-guided from and by Abuja, behind you. Until the electoral laws are substantially altered and state police agenda is effected, the military and their police collaborators would continue to decide who wins or doesn’t, on the field. And with the reluctance of the Supreme Court in recent time, to remove governors, it is still a sunny time for the C-in-C and his “scouts”.

Incidentally, Abuja has a combination of Rottweiler and Alsatian in the contest Odegbami is getting into in Ogun State. His looming image and what he had done for the country won’t matter again, once it is about preserving power. If he didn’t show too much of resistance, he can even be wooed to the “chopping side,” as a mark of respect for his image. If he became a thorn, the rough tacklers would do touchline battles with him and they don’t get dazzled easily. In their roughneck Baba Risikat style, which has been devastatingly-effective in checking oppositional dribblers, they don’t clear only the balls away from the feet of dancing and prancing wingers, they do both ball and player. There are times such are cleared far away into the popular stand, with legs, arms and all, targeted for fracture. Is Segun Odegbami ready to do battle?


Kemi Kemisco

Like play, like play, Nigerians are blacking out on Minister Kem iAdeosun’s NYSC discharge satifike (as one Ilorin fellow usually calls “certificates”). If you know the people of this nation well, no rocket science in human psychology is needed to lead them by the nose, if you have the powerhouse behind you. When the heckling is a din, play deaf. When the worriers bay, bone and play dumb. When their body begin dey cool, comot your eye for ground (feel offended). By themselves, fresh appraisal would begin; the predictable end is always “not guilty”. Our ajebo madam money has done the suegbenapako (better at games) stuff for wailers. Wallahi, their mumu never do.


…and Ade lawyer

Remember him? Lagos NURTW Jabila Rogers, Adeola Williams. The one with the lawyer moniker, who confessed to killing more than 100 Nigerians, without leading guerrilla warfare against his motherland. For someone arrested since 14th February not to be having his day yet, with Blind Justice, is spectacularly preposterous. With his alleged accomplice already home sipping cognac, who knows, the killing-machine might be somewhere cozy now, with a smug smile, as he dusts his bazooka for election mata. Oluwa lo ye.

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