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Group to FG: Provide adequate security for Communities affected by insurgency

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Picture from Dapchi community

A group the NorthEast Youth Initiative for Development, NEYIF, has called on the federal government to ensure that all communities which are not covered by adequate security be given enough military personnel to protect them from Boko Haram.

The group which addressed newsmen in Damaturu, weekend over the recent abduction of girls of the Government Girls Science Technical College, GGSTC, Dapchi said that the increase of military personnel in the war theatre is the only way wanton killing and abduction can be avoided.

They said that it is because of the loopholes created by the state of inadequate troops in the theatre that the insurgents are exploring to collect free women into the bush to satisfy their insatiable s3xual desires.

According to Dauda Gombe who is the spokesman of the group, “if there were adequate military personnel to go round, the army commander in the state would not have been under any pressure to remove the soldiers protecting Dapchi at that material time” adding that some tactical mistakes would have been avoided if a mobile strike force was withing five minutes reach.

Gombe expressed worry in the lack of cordination between the government and the military such that it took two hours before the mobile troops arrived the scene to save an already bad situation.

Reeling out what they described as strong resolutions, the group requested that “all communities in the local government area be assigned adequate military men to ensure the security of lives and properties of the citizens.

“A more effective mechanism should also be deployed to manage and close the gap between the time of postings and shifting of military duties,” it said.

The group also called for a much more technical mobile strike force to be established to run around the local councils not only in Yobe but the entire council areas of the north east of Nigeria to bring down the pains of the insurgency.

They asked that “all schools be given adequate security men just like is the case in commercial banks and many other valuable public places where lots of security personnel are lodged to protect the people.

Above all, as it is clear that the insurgents have insatiable thurst for ladies, the government should upgrade the status of most boarding girls secondary schools urgently so that large number of kids would not be placed in a position for insurgents to prey on.

They commended the effort of the military which is protecting a state which is described as educationally disadvantaged adding that the government has to work with the troop commanders to ensure that all the school going ladies anywhere in the state and the entire state are treated with care.

No matter how low the troop population is in the country, the group said that improvements can be made so that they will be above board in their management of the insurgency which has become a thorn in the flesh of political leaders of Yobe, Adamawa and Borno state.

The group recalled that before the attack of the Government Girls Science Technical College, GGSTC, Dapchi the insurgents have attacked Government Girls Secondary School, GSS, Damaturu, GSS Mamudo, Federal government college Buni Yadi, College of Agriculture Gujba and GSTC Potiskum.

Nigerian Tribune recalls that Boko Haram attacked the government secondary school chibok on April 14th of 2014 almost four years ago and carted away about 276 teenagers into the Sambisa.

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A hundred plus more girls are still with their king ping Abubakar Shekau while some of them have vowed not to return to their parents after so called illegal marriages in the Sambisa.

Security sources in the north east war theatre however believe that more massive abductions like this may continue into the 2019 election year as a result of the lack of troops to cover many vulnerable existing towns, villages and hamlets like Dapchi which unfortunately cannot be handled by the vulnerable men of the Nigerian police.

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