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Have you eaten Dog meat before?

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dogDOG, regarded as man’s best friend, is a domestic animal. In some households, it is kept as pet. In other households, however, its meat is part of their delicacies. In many cultures in Africa, China, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, among others, dog meat is an integral part of their cuisines.

In Taiwan, for instance, dog meat, especially those sourced from black dogs, is usually relished in winter. In this country, it is believed the meat helps to retain heat in the body.

In Indonesia, dog meat is usually associated with people from Batak Toba culture that cook a traditional dish called saksang, also known as dog meat stew.

Nigeria is also one of the countries that eat dog meat. It is popularly called 404, after the French pickup van. Ondo and Akwa Ibom states are the notable states that eat dog meat in Nigeria. In Akwa Ibom, the Ibibio people cherish it most. In Uyo, it is also called eewa.

Let us look at how to cook dog meat the Ibibio way.


Chunks of dog meat,



seasoning cube,

Effirin leaf, also known as scent leave (Ibo) and ntong leaf in Akwa Ibom,




Blend the pepper and onion together, and put the blend mixture into the meat.

Add seasoning cubes and salt, and then allow the meat to steam till it is tender. Add effirin leaf, then water.

Allow the mixture to boil till the stock is quite thick. The cooked meat could be served with palm wine.

You can also serve it with ripe boiled plantains.

In Calabar, Cross River State, it is cooked as pepper soup, and savoured with white rice. Here, it is mainly served with local gin or palm wine.


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