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He constantly accused me of infidelity; stole my money, ruined my business —Wife

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husband wifeOja Oba/ Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State has dissolved the 17-year-old marriage between a woman, Dupe Olarinde and her husband, David Olarinde.

Dupe, in her divorce suit, accused her husband of irresponsibility, theft and battery. According to the plaintiff, her husband, aside being uncaring, has ruined her business due to his stealing habit. She, therefore, pleaded with the court to put an end to their relationship. She further appealed to the court to award her custody of their three children.

David agreed to claims when they were read to him.

“My husband works as a driver and was in the habit of staying away from home for up to a month. Since he cared less about me and our children, we never felt his presence even when he was at home.

“He seldom gave money for food and always felt comfortable about it. Whenever I insisted he would not leave home useless he left feeding allowance, he would descend on me with heavy blows.

“I labour to feed our children and even him whenever he was around because he was in the habit of demanding for food being a shameless person.

“My lord, when he was around, he would steal out of the money from my business. When I challenge him, he would promise to make a refund but never did. He did this continuously till he ruined my business, “she told the court.

“I took up the job of a maid in a restaurant since I no longer had a source of livelihood and he started accusing me of having an affair with our male customers. There were times he paid me impromptu visits there in order to monitor my activities.

“Again, I picked up the job of a carrier in the market to make ends meet. He once walked into me in the market when I was carrying a big bowl of raw meat. My lord, rather than pity me, he made jest of me.

“I was the one paying our house rent and the children’s fees till we moved to his family house.

“I moved out of his house with two of our children when I couldn’t bear with the way he was maltreating me.

“My lord, I’m no longer interested in my marriage to my husband because I’m now married to another, “she stated.

“My lord, I’m also ready for divorce, but I want the court to know that it was both her spiritual group and our twins that were stealing her money and not me.

“She’s a harlot and was hopping from bed to bed while married to me.

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“She consistently brought shame to me through her immoral acts. One of our tenants accused her of sleeping with her husband and this caused a row in the compound. We were eventually thrown out of the compound and we had no choice but to move to my family house.

“My lord, she again slept with four men there. She got afflicted when she slept with the husband of a woman who is a member of a celestial church. The woman swore to deal with her and she did. She afflicted her with a strange disease which almost took her life. I spent through the nose treating her ailment but she has ever remained ungrateful, “the defendant said.

“On September 25, I was walking pass a hotel when a familiar image caught my attention. It was that of my wife. She was going into the hotel hand in hand with another man.

“I paused for a while and watched the two enter into the hotel then I walked in too. I walked towards them, grabbed her hand and pulled her back as they were about entering into one of the hotel rooms. She and her lover were shocked.

“We both went back home but I said nothing to her.  To my surprise, she started moving her belongings from my house. I asked her where she was moving to but she said nothing.

“I went to inform her parents of her action after she moved out. I later learnt she has moved in with another man, “David concluded.

Giving his judgment, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade dissolved their union and granted custody of the two younger children to the plaintiff.  The defendant was ordered to pay N6,000 monthly for their upkeep and be responsible for their education and health care.

Custody of the eldest child was granted to the defendant.

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