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He says men get nothing from marriage

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Dear Bunmi,

My current partner and I have been in a relationship for 12 years. We love each other and have a three-year-old daughter.

In spite of this, he’s not keen on getting married. He says it’s because marriage is for ‘women’ and ‘men get nothing from it.’ I don’t think this is true. So who’s right?


Dear Tonia,

There is an alarming amount of evidence that says men benefit much more than women from marriage. So you are right and he is wrong. But if you truly believe he’s right, why are you so keen to rush down the aisle, let alone with someone who is a sexist?

Women empowerment, sure recipe for stronger economies – Bishop Otuya

A current research, which was done by a Canadian team, found women are much more likely to become bored in a marriage than men are.

And unmarried men are more likely to be bored than unmarried women. Think about this the next time you’re begging him to put a ring on your finger.

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