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He was always chasing me with knife, scissors, cutlass, threw stones at me —Wife

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OlumekaOja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, has dissolved the wedlock between an estranged couple, Ayodotun Olumeka and Chuwkudi Olumeka.

The court president, Chief Ademola Odunade stated that it was obvious that their union had broken down irrevocably.

Ruling, he dissolved their marriage and put their children in the plaintiff’s care.

He directed the defendant to be in charge of their feeding, education and health.  He fixed their feeding allowance at N15, 0000 per month and this he stated should be paid through the court.

The plaintiff giving her evidence said:”My husband is highly irresponsible and is a brute. He was always on my neck and never spared a day without beating me.

“He picked quarrel over trivial issues and always shouted me down before our children. Thereafter, he would pounce on me and beat me blue-black.

“My lord, he’s violent. Any time he’s angry with me, he would threaten me with a knife, cutlass or scissors and chase me round the house with any of these items at his reach.

“I have reported him at the welfare office more than thrice but our issue couldn’t be resolved.

“He didn’t mete out to our children a better treatment. They never had his attention or enjoyed that fatherly love. He was just too harsh on them.

“He completely shirked his responsibility towards them and never cared if they ate or attended school. I took up these responsibilities including clothing them.

“He restricted their movement and was always complaining that they returned home late which wasn’t true. He took to locking them out and on many instances they were left with no other option than to climb the fence, jump in the compound and then bang at the door.

“He woke up one day and asked me to pack out of his house. He threw my belongings out while I was still trying to make him see reason.

“I made a report at the police station and was directed to come to court.”

“The greatest mistake I ever made in life is getting married to my wife. She got me frustrated and I almost lost my mind due to depression, “the defendant told the court.

“My lord, my wife is nothing but a whore. She would leave home early in the morning, weekends not an exception, and would not return earlier than 11:00 p.m. I complained about this at all times but she refused to change.

“She was fond of picking her lovers’ calls late at night and would lie that they were her customers. These men brought her home in the night. They would pack their cars at the end of our street while she strolled down home. Unfortunately the headlight of these cars which shone in the dark always gave her out.

“She was also in the habit of leaving home without my permission to stay with her younger brother who is based in the United Kingdom whenever he was around. She would spend between two weeks and a month at his place.

“I was once sick and to my amazement, my wife left for her parents’ place and was there for twenty nine days. I reported her to her sister who pleaded on her behalf.

“I sent her packing when she refused to desist from coming home late but later took her in again after much pleas from her family members, but I knew we would soon be separated,  ”the defendant stated.

“My lord, I’m a responsible father and I cared for my children. She’s the one who turned them against me.

“I provided our home regularly with foodstuff and other necessary things while I gave her N28, 000 every month as allowance to run the home and this is apart from the N5, 000 which she collected for soup every week.

“I paid our children’s school fees as at when due; she has never contributed a dime to their education, “he added.

“The last time we fought, she created a scene and instigated the children against me. She and the children pounced on me and beat me to a pulp in the presence of many.

“Three years before then, we had a quarrel and she told the children I’m not their father.

“I moved out of the house and moved into a friend’s boys’ quarter after they had beaten me. I was there for a month. She moved out two weeks after I left home.

“I returned home after she left and had been sleeping for nothing less than seven hours at a stretch at night while my mind is now at rest.

“Today marks a year, five months and eighteen days that she left me. I learnt she now runs a beer parlour where she entertains her lovers who do not cease to send me threat text messages, “he concluded.

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