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Here Is How To Apply For Permanent Residency In Canada Without An Agent

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In recent times, there has been a large migration of Nigerians to Canada for an improved life and better opportunities.

Recall that last Saturday, Canada was trending on Twitter as a lot of Nigerians voiced out their desires to relocate if got the slightest opportunity.

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Do you know that migrating to Canada is achievable and it’s not as difficult as it seems. Better is the fact that you can do it on your own without the help of an agent.

Travel blogger and Entrepeneur, Funmi Oyatogun has put together a detailed article around the Express Entry process to move to Canada.

Step 1a – Take the quiz to find out if you are eligible.

Cost: FREE

The quiz is simple and you can do it by yourself here. If you have not done a language test before, give yourself a hypothetical test score and fill out your other information. I recommend that you give yourself a test score lower than what you think you may get so you can gauge the amount of room you have to play around with.

Step 1b – Find out what your work NOC is.

This is important because you can only claim work history in one NOC, which means that if you’ve jumped around from job description to job description, you will need to choose the one that you have the longest number of consistent years of work. It is okay if you’ve changed jobs, but as long as your jobs have all been in one NOC, they count. Find your NOC here.

Step 2 – Register for the language test – IELTS General, etc.

Cost: 208 USD or 275 CAD or 75,000 Naira.

Time Required: 2 to 3 months

If you are eligible based on the quiz above, the next step is to register for the language test. Everyone applying for Canadian PR has to take a language test to show proficiency in either French or English. You get bonus points if you can prove both! I recommend that you give yourself a two to three month window to prepare for the language test. For most people, this is the only thing you have in your control. Your age isn’t going to change, your work history won’t change much and you many need a few years to get an additional degree. So, even though you have been speaking English all your life, IELTS General and others are standardized tests (yuck) and you have to know how they want you to answer the questions they ask you. The most common test for English Language is IELTS General (you cannot use IELTS Academic for immigration purposes) but it isn’t the only one. See the approved language tests for Canadian PR here. This is the official site to register for IELTS with British Council.

Here are practice tests to help you prepare for the IELTS General test. Do not take these practice guides for granted. They go a long way in ensuring you ace the test.

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