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Here’s How To Make The Best Out Of A Long Road Trip

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I recently travelled to Abia State from Lagos by road and boy, it was something. It was my third time making such a long trip by road ( now don’t give me any look) and as funny as it sounds, I think I now qualify as an expert of all things ‘road trip’. So as an expert, here are ways to have a fun road trip especially if it’s a long one!

1. Earpiece

This is life! In a road trip, you want to be fun, or any trip at all, as a matter of fact, the importance of an earpiece is not debatable. When you are bored, you’ll be glad you brought your earpiece along to listen to songs, recorded podcasts, or any audio that appeals to you. It gives you a private kind of fun experience as it’s just you who hears what’s playing!

However, I highly recommend listening to music. No matter how bumpy and unpleasant the journey is, music has a way of lifting you out of it all and taking you to someplace entirely different. Anywhere at all, just decide on your playlist!

2. Sit with someone fun

I don’t know if this makes you selfish but it’s a wise decision to pick who you sit with during the long ride, especially if you are using a public transportation system.

Sometimes, you may be unlucky to pick someone who isn’t as fun as you think but trying is better than leaving it entirely to faith!

3. Secure a comfortable seat

Now, this is selfish but it’s a good kind of selfish for the trip.

Make sure you sit somewhere you can relax, read, move your legs and generally be comfortable. The front seat of the car is always a good place.

4. Something to snack on

No matter what you do, never make a long road trip without something to snack on. I repeat, never make a long road trip without something to snack on. Not only will doing that make you hungry, it will make you so miserable, you could lose interest in the rest of the journey. Now you don’t want to miss appreciating the fun places you will ride by, do you?

5. Make friends

Get into a conversation with people you are travelling with and make friends with them. This could brighten your trip in ways you never knew possible and better still, you never know how thankful you will be about meeting them years later!

If you are travelling with people you are already friends with, then that’s a plus!

6. Games

You think you have exhausted it all, well, that’s not true. Games! Go along with your phone, computer or any other gadget(s) you have games in.

Make sure the games you bring along have been tested and proven to be engaging and fun enough.

7. Snap Snap

Selfie selfie! Now you need a telltale from the trip! Take pictures of the places you journeyed through. It doesn’t necessarily have to be beautiful background before you capture, just snap away!

Remember those are places you don’t go to every day and would soon just be memories.


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