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How did we ever come about the word toilet infection?

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InfectionInfection is beyond medical term. One can suffer various kinds of infection that need not require a medical solution, but there is one kind of infection that has spread more than the infection itself; toilet infection.

This isn’t the first time we are misrepresenting words generally; remember how we grew wrongly pronouncing brisket bone as of biscuit bone? That’s how we found ourselves tagging an infection with the toilet.

Now, let’s get some real knowledge on whatever toilet disease is not and usage of that term after reading this piece would be misleading.

Dr John Afam-Osemene, a medical doctor and health educator succinctly x-rays the myth behind the term toilet infection and just what you might be mistaken for it.

“How did we get the term toilet infection? I am not quite certain honestly, but it seems like the ‘go to self-diagnosis, for anyone who has vaginal problems. It is generally thrown around a lot by people who have a variety of vaginal infections, which is more often than not the case.

“First, we have to establish that “Toilet Infection” is a misnomer. There are problems ranging from s3xually transmitted infections to urinary tract infections that people collectively refer to wrongly as “Toilet Infection”.

Dr Afam-Osemene also highlighted three angles addressing the what, why and how associated with toilet infection.

“The most common complaints when we hear “Toilet infection” are Itching, redness discharge, pain, odour. These are signs of an inflamed vagina called Vaginitis (Inflammation of the vagina). A variety of things, both infectious and not can cause Vaginitis.

“… We know that the vagina has its own environment; it has its own microorganisms that balance the PH levels and prevent other infectious organisms from taking a hold.

“So, anything that messes with the environment of the vagina could cause inflammation and present with the symptoms like s3xually transmitted infections, Bacterial vaginosis, Trichomoniasis, Fungal infections, tight underwear poor hygiene douching/vaginal creams.

“Other uncommon causes include Contraceptive use especially Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUD), change in s3xual partners, s3x pregnancy. These are all “things that are could mess with the environment of the vagina and cause ‘symptoms’. Scientists are clear about the lifespan of microorganisms. It is a fact that microorganisms cannot live long outside their host and as such are liable to die in some environment outside a living cell.

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So, how then is it that people believe they contract an infection in the toilet if the organisms cannot survive on its own? Rather why can’t you get infections from the toilet?

“The chances of you getting an infection from the toilet seat are nonexistent. However, can you get a bug from the toilet? Yes, the same way you can get from the bus, or the office, which is why it is advised you wash your hands before and after using the toilet.

“To prevent messing with the vaginal environment, wear clean and dry, preferably cotton underwear; wipe from front to back, don’t wear tampons/pads for too long, abstain, be faithful, or have safe s3x! Don’t douche or spray or bake or put anything in the vagina,” he said.

For all it’s worth, if you have to blame any infection on the toilet, the closest to it is a skin infection.

Dr Afam-Osemene said: “Despite the unlikelihood of contracting a vaginal infection, you could actually get a skin infection from a dirty toilet seat, especially if your immunity is low, diabetic, or you have sensitive skin…

“So you can line the seat with toilet paper before seating. Also, avoid the toilet water splashing on your “down there” it could actually cause an infection. The key thing to note is hygiene; wash hands thoroughly after using the toilet, especially public ones.

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