How to get a bank draft

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You can walk in and get one from a teller in your bank, or you may be able to request one online in some banks. Your chances are best if you go through a bank that you currently have an account with: most banks only provide this service to customers.

If you’re away from home or you don’t have a bank account, you can always try walking into a branch and asking. You’ll need to pay the full amount of the cheque (plus fees) with cash or a debit card. Be sure to bring ID with you and expect to pay a modest fee.

How to cancel a bank draft after purchase

According to, it is not commonly possible to cancel or stop payment on a bank draft since it, in effect, represents a transaction that has already occurred. However, if the draft has been lost, stolen or destroyed, it can usually be cancelled or replaced as long as the purchaser has the required documentation.

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Since the buyer has already paid the funds to obtain the bank draft, the only usual means of effectively cancelling the draft is to have the seller cash it and return the funds to the buyer.

However, if the draft has been lost, stolen or destroyed, the buyer may be able to cancel the draft by returning to his bank, explaining that the draft is irretrievable by either himself or the seller, and presenting to the bank the reference number or a printed copy of the draft.

As long as the bank can verify that the draft has not been cashed, it can cancel it and issue a new, replacement draft. It is a good idea to verify cancellation and replacement policies with an issuing bank.

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