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How to Get the Media to Call You

How to Get the Media to Call You

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Getting the attention of the media to something worthwhile that you are doing is one thing that can come off easily and can also take you years of consistency and frequent cold pitching to achieve.

The media is attracted to relevant things around the world and in their resident localities.

You are also interested in the trendy stuff you see on the media whether in print or on TV.

So the media feeds interesting sights and content to their audience.

Do you want to be in the spotlight?

Then you have to get the media to call you.

Once you get out there on the spotlight, you’re starting to go global and if you keep up with what you’re doing, you’re going to be the next media sensation.

Like I mentioned earlier, getting the media to call you can be easy and hard at the same time.

Let’s quickly look at the easy part.

You’re doing something innovative and it’s awesome, people around you like it and one of them is related to media personnel, you see how easy that could be?

Or personally, you are related to some notable personalities in the media industry by family or friendship ties, it’s easier to call them and let them place you in the spotlight.

That’s how easy it can get.

It’s the connection that makes it easy.

But this post is all about the hard part, you know no one, nobody knows you either, you have no connection and you live in a remote location that’s not even in the map, how do you get the media to call you then? Continue reading…

1. Niche Yourself and Build Your Brand

The niche here means you should be exact.

You should focus on one thing and build a reputation around it.

You could be a spoken word artists, you could be using raffia palms to make artful designs that are beautiful to behold, you could be an amazing dancer and you could be a kick-ass poet but don’t combine everything together.

Anchor on one and invest all your energy on it.

The power of concentration and specialization is powerful enough to establish you as a brand.

When you focus on one thing, you are likely going to get incredibly good at it compared to when your acts are divided.

Perhaps you might have heard about the unofficial meaning of FOCUS (Follow One Course Until Success).

It works perfectly.

So build a brand name around a specific thing you are extremely good at, this doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to one thing, but out of the many things you do, one should be your top priority and that should be the one you’ll be using to attract the media.

2. Be Diligent and Consistent

You can’t skip the part of diligence on your way to gaining recognition.

According to Merriam Webster; one of the world’s finest dictionaries, diligence is the application of persistent personal attention to something and that sums it all.

You don’t do average things and get recognized, everyone would have been on TV by now if it’s that cheap.

Master your craft or whatever you do with due diligence and be consistent with it when you start getting better.

The point here is that you should be extremely good at whatever you do via the application of diligence and sheer consistency.

When you do this, you become so good that your environment can no longer contain you.

Your level of mastery at a thing will be so fascinating that you can’t hide anymore even if you live in a rat hole.

This isn’t in the list of one of the easiest things to do in the world, probably it’ll make the list for the hardest but the pay is worth it.

3. Start Pitching

You’ve probably heard the saying about how the mountain comes to Mohammed since the said Mohammed has refused to go meet the mountain.

If your voice has refused to be heard or what you are doing isn’t gaining the required recognition it deserves, then you can get the media to call you by cold pitching them.

By cold pitching, I mean sending out mails enclosed with what you are selling.

You’ll have to sell yourself to the media and see if they’ll buy it. If you are a fine writer, you can pitch a platform like Hynaija with your works and they could publish it for you, that way, your work is starting to go popular because the site has a very vast audience.

Don’t pitch to just one media outfit, pitch as many as you can starting from your local papers and small media enterprises around.

The small things count.

Pitch them so well that they will have no choice but to grant you an audience, and when they do, you go out there and blow their sucks off.

4. Utilize Your Fan Base

The veritable fact about being so good at what you do is that with time you’ll begin to build a small fan base around you.

With this fan base, you have people who love what you do and are willing to tell people about it.

You could use your small fan base to also enhance your pitching.

You can’t do everything alone.

You need people to help you and your fans are your best shot at getting the best help you’ll ever need.

These fans of yours could know some people that know some people who know some other persons working in the media.

Word of mouth transited from person to person can land you in front of the TV where you can let the world watch you blaze.

5. Go out already!

The exclamation sign was intentional. Just go out, don’t sit at a place and expect things to happen.

A famous quote says “men who changed the world didn’t sit down and wait for things to happen, instead they went out and happened to things”.

Go out there and make things happen.

Attend events related to what you do.

You are the writer, attend writing seminars, you dance; attend dancing competitions, you are skillful with your hands; attend art exhibitions.

Offer to perform for free if you are in the entertainment line, hinge on any opportunity you find to get attention.

I know I mentioned that diligence can make the world find you even in a rat hole, but that could take a decade, you need to get relevant on time before you discover that patience isn’t one of your virtues.

In Conclusion

One of the worst things that could happen to a man is for him to be unprepared when the opportunity comes knocking on his door.

So live ready, be diligent at what you, go out and wait for the opportunity to tell the world through the media that you exist and you can raise eyebrows through what you do.

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