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I am committed to grassroots development —Wewe LCDA chairman

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When the administration of Senator Abiola Ajimobi led government in Oyo state statutorily decided to establish Local Council Development Areas in all the 33 local government areas of the state, it stated that the aim is to ensure that the grassroots further feel the dividends of democracy more as the community continue to expand.

Wewe LCDA is one of the two LCDAs created by Governor Ajimobi on January 16, 2018, from Saki West Local Government, the other Asabari Local Council Development Area. Known for its heavy reliance on agriculture, Wewe LCDA still has other economic activities going on within the territory. This includes iron pots, shea butter, bakery, table water factories and modern day businesses like filling stations and tourist centre, which became more prevalent because of booming movement in and out of the terrain.

Wewe LCDA covers about 60 kilometres, terrain around a water-logged area with many rivers adjoining Wewe river, which the LCDA was named after. With the task of covering so much developmental landmark in a very short time, the take off of the LCDA beckons with a Herculean task. Conscious of this, its first caretaker chairman, Mr Olaniyi Olusegun Olawuwo, on assuming duty left no stone unturned in his determination to lay the foundation upon which further development of the LCDA would be laid.

Between January till date, Olawuwo had led the council’s take off to a flying start. From its headquarters situated in idi-Araba, Saki, Oyo State, he ensured that the newly acquired headquarters comes alive and is attractive to the eyes.

He touched all spheres of life; agriculture, natural resources, environment, health, education and social services, primary health care, road construction among others. In all, Wewe LCDA Olawuwo administration had been able to embark and completed over 31 various projects.

Ranging from construction of markets, rehabilitation and grading of access roads; Irewole, Baptist area, yam market area, abokede irewole area, Kewulere, Omirinde of the LCDA, Agoro challenge cenrral mosque, Apinnite Saki, Challenge road, Erunfn-Mountain of Fire Priase Ministry road, Saki, Sunday Ishola road saki, Arowoselu road, Akomolesin road, Tiwadayo road, Munas area road among others.

Olawuwo while recounting his experience as the pioner caretaker chairman and his mission to transform the LCDA said the creation of the council has in no small measure justified the reason Governor Abiola Ajimobi established the LCDA. He said, “we have been able to confirm that some communities which were formerly in the old lcoal government areas have not benefitted much development like other areas. The level of development since the creation of LCDAs in the state has improved and has penetrated deeper into the grassroots than when there were no LCDAs.”

He added that, “by the time we’re privileged to execute our mission for the LCDA, without minicng words, it would be clear to everyone, even the critics of Governor Ajimobi that the creation of LCDAs is primarily for the good of our people at the grassroots as promised by our governor.

“When I came on baord, it was evident to me that we had a lot to do to key into the vision of our governor in ensuring development across the length and breadth of Oyo state. You will recall vividly that his administration is championing rural and urban development. The urban cities have been enjoying massive development, so creation of LCDAs will ensure commensurate rural development.

“At Wewe LCDA, we came on board with lot of hopes and great expectations riding on our shoulder, hence our resolve to set the area on the road of development. In conjucntion with the staff, we have been able to prove that the LCDA will in truth serve as a spring board for eventual development and as a platform to get our people’s view and come up with ways of meeting their needs.”

In his conclusion, Olawuwo assured the residents that  theAPC led administration will not relent in its pursuit of people oriented governance, reiterating that the LCDA will ensure the continuity of the good work it started few months ago.

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