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I combine art and science when baking —CEO, Nenilicious

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How did you develop interest in confectionery?

Growing up amongst boys, I naturally found myself more involved with cooking and serving at home. This is where the first spark started. I always wanted try out new recipes with my mother who at the time, was a busy nurse and offered little assistance. Now, after leaving university, I joined my aunt who was already into catering. With her, I picked up a bit of interest in baking but practice was short lived as I soon moved away for my NYSC which was followed by my second degree.


You are based in Kaduna. Tell us about the confectionery industry there and its challenges.

The confectionery industry dates back a long time even in Kaduna. I will, however, be speaking on the baking confectionery which is currently my area of specialty. Baking and confectionery is a fast growing area of business in Kaduna especially in the metropolis. A lot of businesses have been springing up in the recent past as compared to when I was younger. There is a growing participation of bakers with national and international baking communities. This has helped build our network within and outside the state and even internationally.

There are events held within which promotes learning new skills and fosters a great network. Networking in the baking world has also improved the outlook of this art and brought about a lot of appreciation for the industry which was previously lacking.


Tell us about your confectionery outfit

My outfit is a creative place where art and science combine to bring out palatable results (Laughs). It is known as Nenilicious cakes. I basically started out and still running my business from my kitchen. My work speaks for itself making this my major marketing tool.

I however put my work in public domain via Instagram and Facebook. It would therefore be correct to say I run an online baking shop.

The challenges in the baking world are decreasing. However, due to an increase in number of bakers around, there is a lot of competition. Again some folks don’t appreciate paying for the service which is a challenge facing many small and medium scale businesses


How have you been able to overcome challenges to become one of the most sought after bakers…

Becoming one of the most sought after is a work in progress. It is an unending process of hardwork, continuous learning and improvement on the science and art of my trade. I have been open to learning new recipes both online and with those who have gone ahead. I am currently subject myself to mentorship and that has helped my growth a lot. In learning and proper implementation of business ideas, there is an exponential growth in my business. Marketing online is also a cheap and easy tool.


Can one eat sugary foods and not be obese…or is a myth?

Oh well, this is a tricky question. Sugar to an extent is good for the body. However, it has to be taken in moderation. This is because ‘too much of everything is bad’. Key word here is moderation. Adopting a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and eating healthy can allow one a window to still enjoy a variety of sweets.


Whats your best confectionery?

My favorite is cakes. Dessert cakes are so appealing not just for me but a lot of my customers. We have the good old chocolate fudge which serves for most if not all occasions. The custard cakes as well as cheese cakes. I’ll leave you with an easy recipe that you can try at home.

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