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I get insulted for looking like Mercy Johnson– Keira Hewatch

I get insulted for looking like Mercy Johnson– Keira Hewatch

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I am an only child and I wanted to be a beautiful queen, like in fairytales. I grew up in Calabar, the Cross River State capital, and that is also where I hail from. I had a regular childhood like everybody else. I attended several schools because my mum was a police officer; she was often transferred to different cities.


For my post-elementary education, I attended Police Secondary School, Minna, Niger State, and Sador Airport Authority Staff School, Calabar. Then, I studied Travel and Tourism Hospitality Management at the Graduate School of Management Studies, Ghana. I lived in Ghana for a while before returning to Nigeria but I plan to go back.


I have always wanted to act; I was very expressive and artistic as a kid. My mum also encouraged me to read by buying me a lot of books. The first movie I acted in was titled Crossroads. It was produced by Emeka Ossai and he starred in it as well. It was also on the set that I met Kate Henshaw for the first time. However, while in Ghana, I featured in some movies but they never saw the light of day.

Parents’ reaction

Initially, I didn’t enjoy the support of my parents because they are religious people and they believed that the industry was corrupt and immoral. They felt it was not a place for a Christian lady to be in. I understood their point of view but I had to do what I had always wanted to do. I respect and love my parents but I also have to take charge of my life. Eventually, they came to see that and they have been very supportive of my career.


I became well-known after I featured in the movie, Two Brides and a Baby, but I have done a few films that have gone straight to online television. Other movies I have starred in include In the Name of Trust, Murder at Prime Suites, Dinner, Lekki Housewives and Fifty, among others.


I am actually a musician but I don’t really do music mainstream. I have been trying in the last decade to make a name for myself as an actor but I have not gotten to where I want to be yet. Music is a whole career on its own which cannot be juggled (with another) if you have not mastered one completely. I will still do music but not just at the moment.


I used to get insulted for looking like Mercy Johnson. The last time I got insulted was when I starred in the movie, Two Brides and a Baby. Since that time, I have not experienced such. Back then, it made me sad because I was being insulted based on something I did not understand. Mercy Johnson is a beautiful woman and for anyone to compare us is really something to be thankful for.


I believe that an actor can relate with every character that she plays. I can relate with all the characters I have played, unless I played a stone; then I will not be able to relate with it.


It has been tasking. At a point, mixed information was put out about me but I resolved to grind it out.


I have a combination of different unique qualities. I go with the flow of life. I am all about whatever is beautiful and excites me; it does not matter what jungle of life it might be in. I like to read a lot because I am thirsty for knowledge. I do a lot of research. I also like to teach myself new things. I don’t like drama and I am a humanist. I just want to be happy; if I can get that, then I have achieved my major goal.

Role models

I do not have a role model; I am my own role model.

Current projects

I am currently on the set of a series created by Yemi Blaq.


I like tall, light-skinned and handsome men.


I dress however my mood dictates. Sometimes, I can be all squeaky girl with jeans and T-shirt. Sometimes, I can be all gypsy girl, with flowing flowery clothes and sometimes, I can be chic, upper class with nice shirt, skirt and pencil heels.


I like to watch movies and I like to read. I also like to play video games. I am a geek but I do good things. Once in a blue moon, if there is something happening outside, I might decide to go out and hang out with some people on the beach.

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