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“I Got My Information From A Taxi Man” – Informant On Edwin Clark

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Ismail Yakubu who was paraded by the Nigerian police for giving false information that led to the raid of Niger-Delta elder statesman, Edwin Clark, has said he got his information from a taxi man.

The 45 year old mentioned that he was being misled by a taxi driver who provided him the details

The transcript obtained by ngrpolitics is reproduced below:

“I am an indigene of Waru village in Apo in the Federal Capital Territory(FCT),” the informant said.

“First and foremost, I appreciate the time given to me. The point is that I got to hear about the large cache of arms and ammunition in the home of Chief Edwin Clark on Monday on my way to Asokoro exactly around 4 o’clock.

“I was called to come and receive a message at the back of ECOWAS Secretariat and I took a taxi from Apo Roundabout.

“On getting to the back of ECOWAS Secretariat, I called the man that asked me to come and receive the message. There is a street called Halle Salasi Street. That was the street I was going to. There is Catholic Church on that street and there is an incomplete building there. That was exactly where the man asked me to come and meet him.

“So on my way going, I was sitting on the front seat of the taxi and there were two other people at the back seat.

“So, when we reached there, the whole place was crowded. No way in and no way out.

“So, I began to ask question about what was happening here and the taxi driver now told me that is this not the area where this Niger Delta people are living.

“And I said which Niger Delta people and I said how manage because the whole place was rowdy.

“Then he now pointed to me that I should look at that truck that is entering that compound and I checked the compound and the house was house number 43.

“So, it was a white hilux van sealed and it was entering the compound and it was in the process of entering the compound that was why the whole place was blocked to allow it to enter the compound.

“The driver then told me that this hilux that is entering the compound is carrying ammunition, and I said what!”

He maintained that as a citizen of the FCT, he could not keep the information to himself hence he decided to alert the police.

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