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I hope to build a self sustaining fashion legacy —3T Clothings boss

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I am designer with class, one who thrives on the reality that making people look fabulous is my life’s purpose. I am a graduate of Information Technology from Lead City University, recognised for my distinctive sense of style as an undergraduate. I won notable awards and several nominations.

3T Clothings is a fashion brand that boasts of unique craftsmanship and is built on the passion to express menswear minimalism. At 3T Clothings, we have only one mission – to deliver the heritage of bespoke to the modern man with exceptional service and unparalleled results. We love what we do; we take it very seriously and have high standards for our garments.


How I started

Designing for me has always been innate, as I have been tailored on the path since I was a teenager. Nonetheless, I embraced fashion entirely when I figured how good I looked dressing right in university. For every creative style I dressed myself in, I was appreciated and highly regarded which birthed the poise award. If I can get it right, I can as well go out of my way to create topnotch menswear outfits. I started during my undergraduate days and became a business after my graduation.


What are your aspirations?

My daily aspiration is to have an accelerated rate of continuous brand development. With each day, I want to become a better tailor and fashion personality. I don’t necessarily want to be famous, I just aspire to be relevant. I am talking about the type of relevance that will make my designs outlive me; the level at which other notable fashion icons can tap innovative inspirations from my works. I want my brand to be one that help manifest and promote the African culture; I want to be able to operate at a level that gets African fashion to compete confidently with that of other continents.



That will be dealing with the cost and time constraints caused by inadequate power supply. I always wish I can make clothes at the level I make them now at very affordable prices. However, to meet up with the scheduled time of delivery and quality, there is always the need to provide alternate source of power which directly slows down the time of production and increases budget. Hence, power is a challenge. Another challenge these days is finding someone with my level of passion to work with (as a partner or apprentice).

What makes the brand unique?

Three words: style, simplicity and culture. You will find out that our apparels are simple, culture infused and styled for every occasion. Looking good doesn’t have to be forced. The brand makes clothes that establish the beauty of the African culture and distinct in style.


What according to you is the favourite part of being a fashion designer?

The favourite part is definitely having many clothes in your wardrobe and experimenting on several ideas. It isn’t a boring business.


Who and which things were your inspiration while creating such designs?

I don’t have particular inspirations. I create to meet needs. I could be anywhere and with anyone, rate their dressing, then think of ways I could better it. That’s how my mind works. I look at different sizes and classes of people, occasions and skin colours then create wears I think will make them different. The primary source of my inspiration is God.


For you, what skills are necessary for a successful fashion designer?

You must have accurate cutting and stitching skills, creativity and insightful ability, definition and interpretation of styles. They all pan across marketing intelligence, artistic vision, focus on the art and understanding of demand and supply in the marketplace.


What are your career goals?

Building a self-sustaining fashion legacy. This could be defined in many ways but a notable one for me will be to have my designs on display in so many fashion stores around the world, attend fashion summits and be relevantly known for my designs.


How would you describe your personal style?

Personal style is a matter of taste and lifestyle. I am not defined by one specific look or trend. I am not in a specific fashion stereotype category as I love to experiment a lot, even though many people see me as a classy suit guy.



Rate Nigeria Fashion industry

Nigeria fashion designing industry is gaining unprecedented international exposure. I personally see this industry as an alternative to the nation’s dwindling oil fortunes as the nation is looking into alternate sources to boost the economy. Nigeria currently hosts about half a dozen fashion week events annually. The rate at which these shows have mushroomed and their quality reflect the improvement in the fashion industry. Nigerian designers are show-casing at international fashion events in Milan, New York, Johannesburg and elsewhere. I had the opportunity to be at a showcase in Durban and I was wowed.

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