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I like men who don’t try to impress me – Munachi Abii

I like men who don’t try to impress me – Munachi Abii

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I grew up in Ogbunabali in Port Harcourt. I am the only child. I remember playing alone and imagining that I was on stage, performing Michael Jackson’s songs. As an only child, things got lonely sometimes but I had a lot of cousins around me. I lived mostly in my imagination. I remember the smell of rain. My mum planted a lot of trees in the compound; everything smelt like scented leaves, sugarcane, mangoes, oranges and vegetables. I have always wanted to be an entertainer because I used to entertain my cousins and other family members.


I attended Silias International Nursery and Primary School, Port Harcourt, for my elementary education. For my post-elementary education, I went to the Federal Government Girls College, Abuloma, Rivers State. I then studied International Relations at Benson Idahosa University, Edo State.


The Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria was the first pageant I ever took part in. I did what everybody else did by attending the auditions and I was picked. I used to watch past editions on TV and I often imagined how it would seem if I won the pageant. My experience in camp with the other contestants was okay. However, I realised that it was a competition, and not everyone was out to make friends. I was excited when I was eventually declared winner of the pageant.

As a queen, I supported the sickle cell foundation. I also visited the less privileged people and I also tried to support disabled persons as well. I visited other countries and it was a great experience. I didn’t know the value until after my reign ended.


After I won the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant, it was like a direct entry for me into the music industry. The first song I ever recorded was when I was still with the group, Specimen A. The song was titled, My City. I was very excited when I got into the music industry as I wanted to share my knowledge of what music is with the rest of the world. However, I soon discovered that what you see and what you get are totally different things. You are not supposed to fit in; rather you should follow your heart and do things that are natural to you. I don’t agree that rap music doesn’t sell in Nigeria; you only have to find your tribe. Most rappers try to cater to everyone but you wouldn’t connect if you don’t know who you are talking to. As a rapper, I desire to speak to myself and people who are like me would identify with me. Some of my songs include Never Walk Away, Here to Stay, Down Down Low, among others.


The first time I acted was in a TV series directed by Imoh Umoren and it was titled, Indigo. Before then, I didn’t even know that I could act. I loved the experience and I would rather be on set for 24 hours than work at a desk job.


I have many careers; so, I have had lots of highlights. Growing up, I wanted to become an entertainer; I am happy that the dream has come true. Becoming a beauty queen was another highlight of my life. Being talked about in the media, discovering my gifts and finding out that I can paint are other highlights. Getting to work with people I only always saw on TV back then is yet another highlight of my life.


I have been doing a lot of things. It is not true that I have not been so visible on the scene. If I am not making music, I am making movies. You can always see me on TV, social media or hear me on radio. If you cannot see me, then that is your problem; not mine.


The major challenge has always been finance and I think that is a normal thing that every person in the entertainment industry faces. Money is always an issue.


I am in a relationship at the moment and it is going well. I like a man who is himself; who doesn’t try to impress me. I am more attracted to a person’s soul than the physical; that lasts longer. I think we are attracted to people for different reasons. You may be attracted to someone for money and I don’t see anything wrong with that. Different people serve different purposes.


My style is largely an expression of my mood. I love fashion but I don’t have a favourite fashion item.


Whenever I want to relax, I play with my dogs, or I read a book. I am a weird reader though. I read a lot of books by half and don’t get to finish them.

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