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I remain fastest rapper —Ceeboi

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Last year, you drew a lot of attention to yourself when you claimed you are the fastest rapper in Nigeria. At that time, many people expected you to step up your game and show what you are made of, but the noise has since gone down. What went wrong?

Well, I understand but I actually got signed to a label and new management and they changed my whole strategy and narrative. So, that really did not help my brand. That’s why I couldn’t continue to push the Best Rapper Brand.


In an industry that is blessed with many talented rappers, you think being the fastest is enough to push you to the top?

I am an artiste before a rapper; I am also a vocalist, singer, dancer and entertainer. I have a lot to offer  being a great and fast rapper. You should listen to my joint EP with krizbeatz “Protege” to understand the kind of artiste I am. I am very creative and versatile.


Many people thought 2018 was your year but things did not turn out and it seemed you were not ready at that time. What’s your reaction?

I had to learn a lot about the business side of music and I am happy I made the decision to observe first and learn. There is music and there is music business. I think I am a better person now and ready to step into the game.


You once ruled the airwaves with your hit song Jesu Lokamilowoko but you are yet to repeat the same feat. What’s been holding you back?

I was still in Ibadan when I did Kamilowoko, and not staying in Lagos at that time killed the progress and buzz I was getting from the success and reception of the song. Now, I am in Lagos and I believe I will do greater things. You just need to wait and see what I am up to this year. Let’s just keep taking it one step at a time. I am not in a rush because I am working with the best team and they understand the game very well.


Talking about your career, you were said to have written songs for many Nigerian and other African artistes. Does that mean you are good at writing than delivery?

I have actually not been releasing songs. Now, I have an Ep out there, which I released weeks back. Almost all the songs on the EP are doing great. I was surprised that my fans sang with me word for word at my party.

You started your music in Ibadan. You also graduated from the University of Ibadan (UI). How was life in the city and what made you choose music and rap?

Music is my passion; it is what I do best. If there’s anything I can do to save the world; it’s going to be my music. Growing up in Ibadan was fun and I enjoyed my stay. I am in Lagos now and the journey has been really exciting, especially working with a talented music producer like Krizbeatz.

It is very exciting and challenging at the same time because Krizbeatz is very big and  that means there’s a lot of pressure on me to deliver like an A-  LIST artiste. I think I did well, but I will let the fans decide.


You are signed to kriz’s label too. How would you describe the journey so far?

KrizBeatz is my childhood friend, so, it’s like a family business.


What happened to the deal you signed with Jahbless in 2015?

Jahbless relocated to America briefly after signing even before he started my project. So I had to continue to push myself.


How did it affect your growth?

Emotionally, I was down for some time. You know when it looks like things are starting to work out for you and suddenly because of circumstances beyond your control everything stops moving. That was how it all went down then, but thank God I am back in the game now and we are ready.


Do you still see yourself as the fastest rapper now?

The challenge is on; anyone who thinks he or she is faster should come out. Although, I have a lot to offer than just being a great or fast rapper.


You seemed to have experimented a lot in 2018. Are you sure you are ready now?

Like I said, listen to the EP and then in few months you can judge  too, I don’t want to announce plans I want to celebrate success.


You have worked with the like of Ice Prince, Seriki, Sojay, Dremo,Yung6ix and Rayvanny from Tanzania, among others. What’s the similarity do you share with these rappers?

I am a very different artiste because I’m one of a kind. I am the next big thing and I am going to be big for a long time.


Would you cut your hair if your brand requires you change your looks?

Change is constant in life.

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