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I starve her ’cos she slapped my mum, didn’t tell me she had a child for another man — Man tells Court

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Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State has dissolved  the four-year-old marriage between a  woman,  Kadijat  Abass and her husband, Ibrahim Abass.

Kadijat who dragged her husband to court, alleged that apart from being a brute, he was nonchalant about her welfare and that of their children. She added that he spent his income on bleaching creams.

The plaintiff, as a result, appealed to the court to terminate their union and give her custody of their children.

Ibrahim debunked all his wife had said.  He told the court Kadijat was lazy and violent. He added that she was in the habit of threatening him with a knife and that she once slapped his mother during an argument.

The court president, Chief Ademola Odunade,  giving his judgment after listening to the duo stated that the court had no choice but to dissolve  their union.

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According to him, apart from the obvious display of violence, the plaintiff had insisted she was no longer interested in it.

Ruling, Odunade dissolved the union and gave custody of their two children to the plaintiff.

The defendant was ordered to pay N6, 000 as feeding allowance for both children and be responsible for their education and health care.

Kadijat, giving his evidence said: “My lord, my prayer this morning is that you separate me and my husband and give me custody of our children since they are my only gain in this crisis-rocked marriage.

”My husband is indifferent to my wellbeing and that of our children. He is not bothered about the children’s clothing or their education while he gives us feeding allowance when it pleases him.

“On many occasions, the highest amount he gives is N200 which is not enough to feed our one-year-old baby in a day not to mention the whole family.

“Any time he  gives me N100 or N200 and I complain, he will take it back from me and leave me and our children to starve. On many occasions, it is my mum who comes to our aid. She either gives me money or I take out of the money made from the sales of her goods.

“I was once sick and he showed no concern. He ignored me and left N100 as usual when leaving home. I was crying and appealing to him to add more to it because of my condition. My lord, rather than do this, he collected the money from me and stormed out of the house. Thank God my mum came that day to check on me, I would probably have been dead by now.

“I borrowed money from a micro finance bank, LAPO, to start a small business, but he ended up ruining this business, because he never ceased borrowing money from me with a promise to pay back, but he has always defaulted.

“My lord, all my husband spends his money on are bleaching creams and fashionable items, “she told the court.

‘When we met, I told him I already had a child for another man and he said he didn’t mind.  But he suddenly started raising dust over the issue, accusing me of deceit. According to him, it was his co-traders who let the cat out of the bag. I was both stunned and surprised at his behaviour.

“He ordered me to pack my belongings and leave his home.  Even when our relatives mediated in the issue, he still insisted I must leave, “she stated.

“My lord, my wife is lazy and not ready to work and earn a living. She has completely failed in her roles as wife and mother.

“Her lazy attitude regularly caused misunderstanding between my mum and hers while we were living in the family house. She went to the extreme by slapping my mum once during an argument.  I was mad when I heard this but her father came to apologise on her behalf.

“She lied that I give her N200 for food. I give N500 per day if there is no foodstuff at home, but when there is, I leave N300.  She’s never satisfied and still complains it’s too small. There were times she roughens my shirt and insists I won’t leave home.

“My lord, she sometimes threatens me with a knife. But I have learnt to control myself which is the reason I never beat her.

“I stopped giving her feeding allowance the day I learnt she already had a child before getting married to me. I felt disappointed because she deceived me into marrying her, “he concluded.

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