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I’m a product of God’s grace

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SkalesOne of Nigeria’s foremost hip-hop stars, Skales believes that he has managed to raise his game and sustained his brand over the years despite the challenges that almost ruined his career. With his songs being played across the globe and keeping his fan base entertained, Skales says there is more to come as the year winds down. He shares his aspirations with SEGUN ADEBAYO in this interview.


You have been very active on social media platforms in the past weeks, hinting your fans about what to expect before the end of the year. You seem very optimistic. What exactly have you been up to?

I have been up to quite a number of projects. I am excited because God has been good to me and I think I am thankful for the blessings I have recieved this year. So, my plan is to end the year on a strong note with massive songs that would blow the minds of my fans worldwide.


You are one of those artistes on high demand and you have been busy for the most part of the year. What are your plans to keep this momentum going?

I just want to keep doing my music and entertaining people with positive vibes. That being said, as an artiste who has been around for a while, I understand one has to keep working hard. You must keep making every moment count because you are never going to remain hot for the rest of your career. So, the plan is to build an empire that will last long. You must think long term plans always.


You have seen in the studio with Davido and Olamide in the past few weeks…

The plan is to drop new songs that people would love and appreciate. The best way to go about that is to team up with some of the best hands in the game. I have always said that Davido is an amazing person whose talent is just exceptional. People should expect a jam from Davido and I soon. The vibe in the studio has been very great and I can’t wait to share the story with my fans.


SkalesSo, you and Davido will be dropping a new song together?

Yes. David and I just made a smash hit. People should wait for it. I also recorded a banger with Olamide. At this point, I feel like people are not even ready for what we have for them. We are not resting on our oars. Davido is a legend. He has genuine love in his heart. We recorded Currency and I am certain that people will love the song.


How do you feel about the life you are living at the moment?

I feel good. I am grateful to God. I am a product of God’s grace. His grace has always been sufficient for me. Getting to the stage would not have been possible but for God’s grace that kept me. I have had some troubled times, but thank God for how the good times that have overwhelmed the rough times.


Talking about how you have managed to handle your rough moments. What comes to your mind when you recall those moments?

The only message I have in my mind right now is to keep spreading love to people. I won the rough battles a long time ago, my music is being played all over the world and I am getting massive love and support across the world. That, for me, is a major win. Yes, you can’t rule out those who don’t appreciate your hard work and the success you have recorded, but nonetheless, love conquers all things. We will not stop to let them know that it is pure love from our side.


This year, do you see yourself winning awards?

As much as awards are good, I really don’t fancy awards as much as I value my genuine fans, who buy and spread my music. They are the greatest award I could ever have. I am grateful to them all.


Now that you seem to be back, what’s your plan to remain relevant?

Basically, I plan to put out more remarkable music, more smash hits my Naija fans would relatively love. I hope to achieve more greatness with this because,  frankly, that’s the only way I can stay relevant artiste.


From the look of things, you have successfully built your brand in such a way that the name, Skales has remained very constant on the social space, how has it been?

It’s been a challenging journey. To be honest, there are bitter-sweet experiences; both negative and positive, but at the end of the day, the fact that my fans pay attention and always have something to say about me in the social space is somewhat gratifying – it keeps me motivated.


Music has paid off for you in a big way, but would you say this momentum could be sustained for another 10 years, given the fact that most artistes these days don’t last a decade musically?

The good thing about me and music is that it’s more than just profit-making for me. I am really passionate about my craft – I don’t see myself quitting or retiring from what I love doing the most; music.


How would you rate your success in the industry now and do you really think you have pushed yourself enough?

I have had a major breakthrough. In terms of success, I have come a long way: from traveling around the world touring, to having very busy schedule; making money and signing huge endorsement deals. But truthfully, that’s only the tip of the iceberg because I’m just getting started!


It has been argued that when one reaches a certain level in the industry, it becomes practically impossible to release hit songs. Has this truly affected you?

First of all, I will like to say that statement is really not true,  because an artiste that gets too comfortable with what he has achieved so far ends up being inconsistent and non-productive. But as long as you push yourself further and not be overly complacent your craft, you will always remain relevant, hence making hits effortlessly.


Maybe an international collaboration is also on the cards? Or you don’t fancy such fad?

Yes, I got a couple of international collaborations which are on the way, but they’re all on the album – I feel like that’s the easiest way to share our culture with other parts of the world. I really fancy the idea of international collaborations.

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