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“I’m Not Cloned” – Governor El-Rufai

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Malam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai, the Kaduna State Governor has refuted rumours that he is cloned.

Governor El-Rufai who returned from his vacation abroad last week was reacting to allegation generated from his opponents that he was involved in a fatal accident while he was away and that he was cloned.

The Governor said this at a welcome reception organised for him at Sir Kashim Ibrahim Government House on Friday night

“I was never involved in any accident and no driver died. I was also not in coma. Let me start by thanking you all for coming to welcome me. One of the objectives is, as explained by my wife, I am still alive, or I have resurrected, I don’t know which one.

“My wife went on to say that, as my wife for 34 years, although, we have known each other for 43 years, she can confirm that this is really me, it is not a clone. Although, that will not stop the rumour in the social media, but that is that.

“So, I want to thank you all for coming here. But, I want to confirm that, no accident took place, no one was in coma, no driver died. I have already put that out in social media, but I want to repeat it for the sake of clarity.

“The second reason I am grateful for your presence is to thank people of Kaduna State for their votes. For their votes in support of President Muhammadu Buhari and coming out in even larger numbers to vote for me and members of the state house of assembly.

“I am happy to say that, we already have two third majority in the state house of assembly. And I have already appealed to members of the assembly to keep the leadership that has served the state so diligently in the last for years to continue. This is my appeal.

“Kaduna State has consistently voted for President Muhammadu Buhari since he first contested in 2003. He has never lost Kaduna State, so it is not a shock that he won this time. Anyone that says he has defeated President Buhari in Kaduna is either dreaming or needs psychiatric assistance,” he said.

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