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Imo APC stakeholders protest, drag Okorocha before NWC

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Romanus Ugwu, Abuja

All Progressives Congress (APC) chieftains from Imo State, on Wednesday, dragged Governor Rochas Okorocha before the party’s National  Working Committee (NWC) of the party.

Their action was to protest what they called the ‘governor’s antics to hijack the process for this weekend’s state congress’.

Speaking after several hours meeting with the NWC presided over by the National chairman, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, the leader of the delegation, Chief R. O. Ikoro said the party chieftains passed a vote of no confidence on the governor for allegedly destroying the party.

Appealing to the NWC to save the party from the draconian hold of the governor, the stakeholders said: “We came to express our disappointment on the leadership of Governor Rochas Okorocha, his activities and the APC under him.

“We didn´t want to make oral presentation but we have put it down in writing so the you can have a critical look at it after we had gone.

“On Saturday, the ward congresses of the party will start and we know that what governor is planning is to hijack the ward congresses and give it to people that he wants.

“So, he can completely privatise the party, that is why we have come here to lend our grievances to the NWC, so that they will understand that it is very important that the congresses that will be conducted on Saturday will be democratically elected and the governor won’t be allowed to hijack the ward congresses.

“As a matter of fact, we have implicit confidence in the NWC. If they send any group to Imo to conduct any election, we are very sure that it will be properly done, especially, even now that have come, we believe that it will be smooth.,” they appealed.

“This is the highest organ of the party, the only organ, even by our constitution that is empowered to bring peace to this party, and I do not think that the highest organ that they will leave this thing and sweep it under the table because they are also working for the success of this party, they added.

Responding, the party boss said: “It is a very difficult position you are putting me. First, I have suspended National Working Committee meeting but that is not the issue.

“The issue is the idea of dealing with the effects in the party in Imo State and for any national chairman, that is not to celebrate.

“The present is that you are all dedicated, you didn’t storm out of the party. You are all dedicated to the strengthening of the party. I thank you for coming jointly.

“I promise on behalf of the NWC that we will do, one, all we can to maintain level playing ground. Two, to pursue avenues for a reconciliation of the various groups and tendencies in Imo State.

“I want to also urge on your part that you should be ready for peace, you should be ready for compromise at the end of the day, it is the vote that counts whether inside the party or when finally a general election comes.

“There is nothing to celebrate in your report, but the saving grace is that you are all dedicated and did not storm out of the party.

“Some controversies are necessary to bring about unity that will being victory, together Imo state will be almost a certainty, but we will be in deep trouble if we are divided.

“Without any prejudice, I want to assure you that we on our side, will do everything possible to take up your complains and reservations.

“We will talk to the other side so that an acceptable compromise and understanding is reached to make it possible for us to work as one party and one political fighting force. I am certainly not unaware of the issues, as the party´s national chairman, all this things end up directly or indirectly on my desk.

“Whatever the rights and the wrongs of both sides, I am also conscious that victory can only come from a united fighting force, and to get unity, there must be justice. So, while am insisting on a united fighting force, I also insist that there is justice,” he said.

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