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Indigenous metal fabrication, more than a trade – Machine fabricator

Indigenous metal fabrication, more than a trade – Machine fabricator

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Bianca Iboma

Joseph Anike Ani is a machine fabricator, a skilled and certified welder. The 35 years old who resides in Edu Community, in Igbesa, Ogun State, was educated at Government Technical College, Enugu, from where he graduated after spending three years in the school.

While revealing some of the challenges in the fabrication and welding profession among other issues, Ani stated that Welding could bring innovation in the metal fabrication industry even as he proposed the development of an indigenous technology hub .

According to him, “People basically see the job as a dirty profession and don’t even want to trade the path.

Journey into welding and machine fabrication?

“I just fell in love with it. At age six I saw a  nuclear power plant when I accompanied my father to his friend’s office. The man worked at a construction company.

Somewhere around I saw  a guy wielding and  another doing some fabrication work, all I remember was how bright it was. I was mesmerised, it caught my fancy.

My attention was drawn to what he was welding and I became interested. Since then  all I wanted was create something and whenever there is a broken piece of any object I mended it. I was hooked and nursed the ambition to become an experts.

While I was in Secondary School in form three, I asked my father if I could  go to a technical school. And my Dad was like okay but I have to make some enquiries before letting you go.

Later, my request was granted. My passion grew and I decided to developed it as a child, and later I took classes.

I went to Government Technical College, Enugu, after appealing to my father, who made some enquries and had some discussions with the school eventually allowed me to get the training.

Setting up your own workshop?

I had the business idea in mind while I was in school because of the teaching I got from my instructors then. I was exposed to the business and technical aspect of the profession. So, while I was learning the trade, I equally developed  my entrepreneurial skill.

I decided to launch my own business, A.J Anike Limited, where I fabricate all type of industrial machines and moulds.

Before, I started my own, workshop I worked with several companies located in Enugu, Lagos,Agbara and Opic industrial Estate. Why working with this companies I got more  experience about the job  I am here today developing the craft through the opportunities I have gained.

The years I spent working for others gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge in the industry. I can use electronic welding machines to weld different materials if I have it but right now I make use of manual process to do my fabrication and welding job.

I can create anything that I  imagine, as long as I can see the dimensions of my work before I start assembling it.

As a student I learnt industrial metal fabrication although I had several choices, We were thought so many things but I focus on machining,welding and fabrication.It was both industry related experiences.

“I hope to expand my business and grow to become a conglomerate in the nearest future.Though, I have started from this little fabrication yard,AJ Anike Limited,which is not popular at the moment. I  will get there some day. I weld all type of industrial machines and make moulds.

The job is lucrative around the world but the epileptic power supply experience in the country has made it difficult to get much proceeds from it.There is not much profit in the job in Nigeria due to the electricity problem.

 Passion for local content?

Nigeria is the world’s most populous black nation and for us to become a manufacturing power house and achieve economic dominance, we have to develop our own indigenous technology.

Nigeria needs metal fabricator foundation program that  will promote indigenous technology.

There should be indigenous, cohort,sponsored by the government or wealthy individuals for people who are interested in acquiring such skill or those who already possess it, to enhance their skills.

When you as a welder are among your classmates, you find  some level of comfort and lot of support to do more.

I know that certified skilled trades are in high demand at the moment but people have to upgrade.

Challenges associated with welding/metal fabrication?

Meeting the demand and using the right equipment.The barriers  we have should be removed and more awareness created to increase the number of indigenous people in skilled trade.

I would have designed and built a ferryboat or even canoe made with some special materials that are locally and internationally sourced, that is safer than what we have presently. The water transportation means at the moment is not safe. That is one of the reasons for the many boat mishaps that the nation has experienced.There is need to project indigenous technology, if anyone can sponsor my  project I can build a ferryboat that will be more convenient and safe for people to travel and move through water transportation.

While the design  of the boat or canoe would be in traditional form, the paddle’s material  would be steel.It would have been one of my contributions to the nation a steel canoe with accompanying paddle. I had wanted to build it for my country.

Already, in my metal fabrication workshop I have kept the concept because I cannot run with it now, but I have hope that one day I would be able to explore the various means towards achieving that goal in the nearest future. Welding skills is built and people can never be too old to change their career, if they have interest in it. It all depends on personal interest and passion.

Another challenge here is that many welders and other highly skilled workers likely, only have thought about going into business for themselves, alone eke a living  but lack the business knowledge required to launch a successful venture.

Surviving in welding business?


After, I had observed that many welders who own workshops equally work for other people,I decided to seek practical information in building a successful business, on the  welding and fabrication business, that is  how I  started from the ground up.

A welding or fabrication entrepreneur, does not need to be sacred of rejection because people will definitely reject your job.You will experience it, but you need to have an uncontrollable desire to succeed and enjoy dealing with people.

People normally patronise those they like and that is a fact of life.To succeed in this type of business or any business, you need to go out to introduce yourself to potential customers, spending countless hours bidding for contracts. Although that your effort may not pay off initially but as  time goes on, you become acceptable in the business world. What you need is creativity, you have to come up with new innovative business idea that nobody else have and is doing.

Any business in general is a gamble and you need to keep a laser-like focus on the ultimate goal which is getting contract at all costs.

However, I  must say that welders ,fabricators and machinists are not looking at setting up their own business, they prefer working for somebody because they are afraid to start.

Furthermore, I would say people do not know they can be professional welders, they believe welding is for semi-illiterate people only and equally a very dirty and dangerous job for commoners.

It is majorly occupied by the uneducated ones but I believe the impression about  profession would change if government can come up with development plan for those who are in the welding profession. They should set up a large technology hub, like a park space for indigenous Nigerians  who are involved in the welding and fabrication business where they can pay a token and do their  job because the  epileptic power supply has  affected the business.

As a business person I have to satisfy my customer. I run generator and the cost normally, increases because I have to inflate the price so it can cover my expenses and then make profit. If government should create such a hub it would provide power, then the business would thrive.

Some of the challenges the business of fabrication faces on daily bases because customers want you to bring the price down and the cause of materials is expensive. If there is power supply and loans that can encourage those of us  in the fab profession, then the business would thrive.

I had an encounter with a customer after giving him the quotation for a job, he said it was expensive. He said he got a lesser price at Benin Republic, a small country. But I told him that it is because they have constant power supply. We have to run generator so we don’t delay the customer and it is fuel that would be used in doing the job it must reflect in the price. Material is equally expensive.

Business expansion?


To expand in this business, a lot of  money is required. You have to invest in machines.I am keen on setting up and operating heavy-duty metal working machines such as brake presses, shears,cutting torches,grinders and drills, to bend,cut,form, punch,drill and otherwise but don’t have such fund to expand. Despite my insight and ability to take a project from concept to completion, I want to go into visual design and focus on the specifications, tolerance, demand  and the complete package.

Often our customers bring us the visual ideas and concepts long before the final details are developed. Well, my aim is to add value and equally tackle the challenges others face. I have over 15 years experience, I have been doing it for a long time. I have  been doing a lot of creative job and believe that ideas can be transformed to reality with basic creative solution.

The business is not lucrative because Nigerians do not patronise local fabricators who assemble component.

Personally, I have been doing jobs for Nestle, Reickit benkitzer Comestar wire and Cable installation and other kind of service on contract basis it depends on what they want at a given time.

Government’s role in growth of industry?

Government should invest on local content and promote indigenous technology if we are to mitigate unemployment and be a developed nation.We can’t keep importing  everything and continue being the dumping ground of foreign countries.

A consuming passion for my country drives me. My love for Nigeria, is often expressed through frustration. I rant periodically about Nigeria’s poor roads, power infrastructure and its employment problems.

The importation of Keke that we have been spending billions on, I can even develop  amphibious tricycle vehicle(Keke) that can run on water and land, which would  enhance transportation in riverine villages. There are people living in riverine areas faced with transportation challenges.It can become easier using this type of vehicle running on waters.

There is need to project indigenous technology, if anyone can sponsor my  project I would build a ferryboat, amphibious tricycle( keke), that would be more convenient and save for people to travel  through water.

I carried out a research after visiting a friend who lived in Shibiri area in Ajangbadi around Alaba-Ojo Local government in Lagos, when I discovered a riverine area from the upland and I made some enquires and  began my research, on a good means of water transportation that can open up the interior area for development. And I got the design concept for the amphibious vehicle in tricycle form.

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