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Invited To A Bridal Shower? Here Are Gift Ideas Guaranteed To Be A Hit

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You get that phone call from your friend that if you recall correctly, last spoke to her when you were both undergraduates sharing a dingy hostel room. She goes on to tell you eagerly that she heard you were working at that big media firm and before you can affirm this, she tells you in a rush of words that she’s getting married. She goes on about the bridal shower and the church wedding and the traditional wedding…

You zone out because all you can think about is having no idea what people are supposed to buy when they’re going to bridal showers. Do you get big, flashy presents? Or do you get small, sentimental ones? You have no clue so you open your trusted search engine Google and you find us.

And us? This is the part where we help you by giving you bridal shower gift ideas that are guaranteed to be the bride-to-be’s favourite things in her new beginning.


1. Lingerie, lots and lots of lingerie

Really, I thought this would be an obvious choice on your gift list. Women can never really have enough lingerie and for a newlywed who is bound to be keeping things hot in the bedroom, you can’t go wrong with this gift choice.

A really awesome way to give this as a gift is put a few very racy pieces in a nice gift box and take it along with you to the bridal shower.

2. Bed sheets

I’m laughing aloud at this one because isn’t it obvious? It’s a gift item that is extremely practical and will mean one less thing for the couple to buy for their new home. On the other hand, if your friend has a good sense of humour and a little wild side, she’ll catch on to what you’re insinuating when you present her with quality sheets for the bed that will most likely need changing pretty often during the first few months of marriage.

It’s a nice gift to give at a bridal shower and will definitely have the girls in a fit of giggles when it’s given.

3. Dressing robe

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Get her a nice soft, quality dressing robe and if you want to be extra, have it customized with ‘Mrs’. More likely than not it’s one gift item that isn’t just practical for packing when she’ll be going on her honeymoon and wearing a lot less clothes, but also around her new home too.

She’ll thank you for it and it’s a great gift item if you want to stay conservative with nothing too raunchy.

4. Sex toys

While your friend may be marrying the love of her life there may still be days where she’ll have to do the job herself if you know what I mean. Also, it’s fun and spices things up to introduce sex toys in the bedroom with your partner.

What better way to ensure that your friend has a healthy sex life that to supply her with sex toys? There is none!


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