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Iranian health minister resigns over budget cuts

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Iran’s health minister has resigned, saying he could not accept any further cuts to his budget as the country struggles with a severe financial crisis.

“I am not an impatient person, but enough is enough,” Hassan Hashemi said on a video posted to the Khabar One portal on Thursday.

Reports that Hashemi had resigned have been circulating for days, but on Thursday came confirmation on state media that President Hassan Rowhani had accepted his decision.

Hashemi said he could no longer work effectively given the restricted spending limits proposed in the government’s next budget.

The ministry’s budget was significantly cut for the year beginning March 21.

The cuts were linked to an acute financial crisis caused partly by U.S. sanctions that were re-imposed in 2018.

As the sanctions have hit oil exports, it is not clear how much the state will earn from oil revenues in the future.

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The U.S. measures have badly affected the health sector, as some medicines cannot be imported due to bank sanctions.

The sanctions have also put moderate President Rowhani under serious political pressure.

He has had to reorganise his cabinet due to pressure from parliament.

Many Iranians are also unhappy that the government is spending money in conflicts abroad – including in wars in Yemen and Syria, and in support of Palestinians – instead of focusing on domestic affairs.

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