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Is Dubai shopping attractive ?

Is Dubai shopping attractive ?

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If there’s any city that takes shopping malls seriously, it is Dubai. Not only do global brands flock to this retail capital, but shoppers from across the Middle East and beyond go to Dubai to appreciate the grandiosity and beauty of its shopping centres.

The city’s weather, always sunny and known to surpass 110 °F, and its economic climate, deeply rooted in property development to the point of experiencing hyper growth, create a unique mix of tropical and capitalistic energy rarely matched by other cities. Dubai builds with a panache seldom seen anywhere else around the world, so it’s no wonder that stepping into a Dubai shopping mall is an experience in itself.

Known as the world’s first shopping resort, Mall of the Emirates has an amazing 2.4 million square feet of retail floor space. Not only does it boast of 630 high-end brands, but fashion designers from around the world are put on full display in the mall’s Fashion Dome and Luxury Wing. Tenants include Boutique 1, Centrepoint, Forever 21, Kate Spade New York, DKNY and an Apple store.

If shoppers get tired of shopping, there are many things to do at Mall of the Emirates. People enjoy the games and are entertained at Magic Planet, a family theme park among other fun activities.

The Nation Shopping spoke with some Nigerians about how they shop in Dubai.  Mr Emeka Obiama was seen at the mall of The Emirates sightseeing with his family. “Items are a bit expensive,” he said.

“It’s not about the sales alone but the experience. I like my family spending time here particularly during the shopping festival. Though it cost me plenty of money, but it’s worth it. I can’t suffer to make money in Nigeria and suffer to spend it as well, hence my reason for coming here. I have also bought few things with great discounts apart for the flight ticket to come to Dubai, every Nigerian should be here.”

Another Nigerian, Mrs Omowunmi Linda who was at The mall of Emirate was there for  sightseeing  and buy a few things for her friends back in Nigeria. “I reside here in Dubai and visit this mall only when the shopping festival is ongoing.  It is relatively cheap here because of the discounts attached.”

“If you are coming to spoil yourself and take a tour, the malls are the right place to be but if you are coming to buy things to sell in Nigeria, Deira Market (an open traditional market) is the right place to be. There you can bid and negotiate for favourable bargains.”

For Ms Patience Onuoha, a regular shopper to Dubai who buys her ticket early. “I travel yearly to shop in Dubai. I take my time to buy items i really want. I have  chosen to buy from Marks and Spencer shop because I like their underwears, particularly the sport braziers, they are strong and sell for  N175UAE. Those I bought last year still look good.”

“Stores here would not compromise good quality or standard. There are stores and there are stores. I can’t imagine getting inferior items at Marks and Spencer, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Gucci or Raff Lauren. Nigerians can only buy inferior items when they patronise unknown brands but brands that are known will not compromise standard and this is what is unique with the malls here.”

Unlike Onuoha, Mr Badmus Ajibade lament that items are expensive. “I have come to sight see which is what most Nigerians who visit shopping malls here do. You sightsee and go to the traditional market to shop for same items. Items might not be same quality, but Nigerians can manage.

Some items sold in the mall are not 100 percent good quality, he said. The finishing of some products is poor and is of mass production.  I don’t buy much when I come to Dubai particularly things I will use. I rather buy cheap things to sale and make huge profits.”

“The malls here are better in terms of infrastructure but stock designers which are mainly mass product commonly found everywhere.  For example, I have seen inferior Hacket shirts which are not properly sown with bad finishing. I advise Nigerians to come for sightseeing but go back home to buy ‘Made in Nigeria’ products which are not mass products and are of good quality”.

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