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Kano Deputy-Governor’s Exit From APC Long Overdue, Says State Govt

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Former Kano State Deputy, Hafiz Abubakar,

The Kano State Government has described the exit of the immediate past Deputy Governor, Hafiz Abubakar, from the All Progressive Congress (APC) to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as long overdue. 

In a statement by the State Commissioner of Information, Youth and Culture, Muhammad Garba, the government said the exit of the deputy-governor was a ‘good omen’ to the APC.

“We welcome his final exit from our great party, the all progressive congress, as a good omen,” Garba said.

The Commissioner accused the former leader of resigning to avoid being impeached by the State House of Assembly.

He dismissed allegation by the former deputy-governor that his entitlements were not paid.

“Hafiz was paid his entitlements even after he chose to abandon his service to the good people of Kano State and humanity in general.

“Going by the Ex-Deputy Governor acclaimed political pedigree, one would have expected that Professor Hafiz resigned his position long ago for what he described as, ‘political persecution and humiliation.”

The state government also criticized Hafiz for abandoning his service to the people despite claiming to have paid him his entitlements.

He added, “There is no gains saying the fact that professor hafiz hurriedly left office in anticipation of a constitutional sledgehammer from Kano State house of assembly, over his strong antagonism to policies of the state government that have a direct impact on the standard of living of the good people of Kano State.”

The government’s reaction comes a week after the former deputy-governor dumped the ruling APC for the opposition PDP.

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