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Killings in Nigeria, evidence of failed leadership ― ADC Presidential aspirant

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NigeriaTHE Presidential Candidate of the African Democratic Congress (ADC), Dr Obadiah Mailafia has stated that the continued killings of human beings and destruction of properties across the country are a proof that there is leadership failure in Nigeria.

Addressing journalists on Friday in Abuja, Obadiah said the spirit of Nigeria federalism is driven from the reality that diverse people came together to form a country while enjoying relative autonomy and self-determination within their various nationalities and ethnoreligious communities.

“Today, unfortunately, we have a government based on an illegitimate constitutional arrangement. We have allowed foreign armed bandits to invade our country and we have given them untrammelled license to maim and kill, pillage and destroy defenceless communities in the villages and in the towns and cities, especially in the Middle-Belt.”

“The first duty of civil government is to secure the Commonwealth, a government that cannot secure the lives and properties of its citizens has failed in its most elementary duties.”

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He stated further that “nation-building entails mobilising all the youths and the people of this country-men and women, rich and poor. The country must be governed in a fair and representative manner. The government and leadership must reflect our diversity while giving people a sense of belonging and hope.”

Obadiah said the present government has not done well in the area of job creation for youths which has also contributed to the increase in crime being presently witnessed by every zone of the country.

“Unemployment is soaring beyond acceptable proportions. Youth unemployment in Nigeria stands at 20 per cent, in the north-east, youth unemployment stands well above 60 per cent. This largely explains why we have a social crisis of terrorism and insurgency in those areas.”

In order for the country to move forward, the Presidential aspirant stated that “battling poverty and underdevelopment requires that we focus majorly on the economy. Economy management is key to our common prosperity.”

“This can not happen in a vacuum, what will drive our prosperity is a new ethos of leadership anchored on the development and social progress” as he solicited for the support of every Nigerian in the 2019 coming election so as to move the country to the desired height.

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