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Lagos Auto Fair ‘to be best in Africa’

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Organisers of the Lagos Motor show, BKG Exhibitions Nigeria Limited, have said this year’s auto fair will be the best in Africa.

Its Managing Director, Ifeanyi Agwu, said the firm will hold the 13th Lagos Motor Fair and seventh Autoparts Expo Africa between May 7 and 12.

“We want to step up the tempo and repackage the event to attract more foreign investors,” he said.

According to him, the auto industry is very germane to the growth of the economy, wondering why company chiefs are shying away from making their firms participate in the fair.

“They spend so much money buying cars for their staff but couldn’t turn up for the event that would guide their investments in these vehicles. Coming to event like this will guide their choice of vehicles when making purchase,” he said.

He lamented that the “government cannot revive our economy by neglecting the auto sector. Vehicles that are supposed to land in Nigeria are being imported from Benin and Niger republics with high rate of import duties. We are under-developing our country by creating wealth for other countries. That’s why the government should be serious about the auto sector and stop policy that helps create employment for citizens of neighbouring countries at the expense of millions of Nigerian.”

According to him, the tariffs paid on import vehicles should be slashed and ensure our seas are deep enough for vehicles to land direct on Nigeria water instead of neighbouring countries.

He identified politics and tribalism as the bane of the  economy.

“The Calabar Sea Port should be opened up for import of vehicles. We are shrinking our economy based on tribalism and politics,” he said.

Agwu canvassed that local assemblies should focus on auto parts, noting that it will continue to be expensive to assemble full vehicles in the country because the parts are brought from overseas.


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