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Lagos implores workers to improve on service delivery

Lagos implores workers to improve on service delivery

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Lagos State governor, Akinwunmi Ambode has implored workers to improve on service delivery to Lagosians.

Speaking on the importance of strategic management for the actualisation of the mission and vision of the state at a workshop organised for the state public sevice, Ambode lauded the workers for their performance.

Represented by Commissioner for Establishments, Training, and Pensions, Dr. Akintola Benson, Ambode  urged the workers not to rest on their oars.

He said improvements are not only important, they are also critical and fundamental. He promised that he would always ensure that they are on the path to actualising their vision and fulfilling mission.

He disclosed that enormous value and investment have been given to the impartation of knowledge and skills of the workers.

He urged the workers to make better contributions to the productivity and effectiveness of the public service.

He noted that they must learn the importance of team work in the execution of strategies, ensure open communication, good management and effective leadership.

“Without these hallmarks of corporate governance, it is difficult to manage strategically because the basic framework of goal-setting and decision-making are missing. Setting up a control and reporting mechanism is also important to strategic management as part of a wider corporate governance push.

“This allows the organisation to make changes when they are needed to constantly monitor its own progress,”he said:

He stressed that each department and unit of the public service needs to identify and capitalise on its core competencies. “These competencies then have to be developed and enhanced. After this, the Public Service must ensure that the competencies are not unnecessarily duplicated unless when compelled by exigencies,”he said.

He continued:“If you know, for instance, that your department business is lagging behind in utilising the power of the internet to serve our esteemed citizens, one of your goals can be to revitalise or introduce an online platform to connect or communicate with the segment of the population that your department serves.

“Importantly, the goals set should be measurable, specific and have a time frame attached to them. Setting goals in this way helps to strategically position the organisation for continuing and future successes.

“I will like to emphasise that no framework for strategic management can be effective in the absence of team work and synergy. This is another aspect of growth and productivity that the Ministry of Establishments, Training and Pensions has been emphasising in the different trainings and workshops organised.”

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