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Launch of motherhood and breastfeeding solutions in Nigeria

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Mothers can now heave a sigh of relief as the long awaited  Mamas Hub 2 in 1 Breastmilk Collector and Manual Breast Pump and the female urinal are now available to the Nigerian market.


It’s the  brainchild of  UK based Nigerian mother of four and founder of Mamas Hub, Nina Kalu  who herself comes from a big family. Nina knows and has experienced first-hand, the challenges of an everyday mum. In 2016, she saw a niche in the market for mothers and decided to fill it by creating a one-stop shop where mothers can find unique products that can help alleviate the burden and challenges of their everyday lives.

“We are starting off in Lagos and parts of the eastern part of Nigeria. I’m hoping that we would expand to other parts of the country as well. I’m really excited to be in Nigeria. The Nigerian market is huge for Mamas Hub. We are very positive about these products because they are unique to the market place.

We feel they will meet the needs of cost mums and women and I think that it is an asset to Nigeria. I’m also looking forward to developing new items. We’re hoping that in the next couple of months, we will be launching some more products.” she said

Launched in the UK in 2017, Mamas Hub  is a unique online shop for mums and babies. It caters for mums to find products which are not available on the high streets that would help them through the challenges that come with pregnancy, post-natal and motherhood generally.

“When you have a baby, your body changes and you have so many challenges. Certain items that you need are not really sold in a shop because they are things that people don’t talk about.  At Mamas Hub, we do all we can to help mothers.   We understand that becoming a new mum is a life-changing and rather expensive experience.” Nina said.

“Going forward, I’m expecting to have a shop in Nigeria stocking all our products, so customers can have access to the products online as well as in store. We are working on it, but it’s a long-term plan for us, but right now customers can make their orders online on the website.” she added.

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