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Maiden Ibru raises the roof as MUSON host ‘My Kind of Music’

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The Music Society of Nigeria MUSON is celebrating its 22nd edition of the famous annual fair called MUSON Festival. With the event already kicked with stream of activities that started on October 17 at its Agip Recital Hall and to end on October 28, one that has garnered much buzz is the Personality guest show tagged: “My Kind Of Music”

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From the inception of this festival, My kind of Music has attracted high class audience because of the type of guests featured.

This year’s edition held on Thursday October 18 featured among the list four prominent personalities from different sectors of the economy but with similar interest in music. They include Lady Maiden Alex-Ibru, chairman, and publisher, Guardian Newspapers, Engr. Oti Bazumu, CEO, Osaka Telecomms. Nig and founder, Lagos Jazz Series; Adeyemi Akinsanya, Solicitor, Advocate & Notary Public and Ugomma Adegoke, Creative Entrepreneur and Gallerist, anchored by Arch. Kitoye Ibare.

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To say the least, all are music personified as they made music choices that reflect their age time and season of reckoning.

While Oti Bazumu with his strong musical background made most selection of Jazz beats, Ugomma, though the youngest among the list did represents her contemporary with good selections that tell her age. As Bazumu’s jazzy choice are from Miles Davies and John Coltrane, there are remarkable stories behind each choice. Perhaps, the most noticeable is Coltrane’s music “The Lord Supreme.” Bazumu noted that this particular track attracted comments and controversy in the studio by his band members saying, ‘you have played this particular beat time and time over.” To Coltrane, it meant heaven for him and while track was played on stage, the high rhythmic masterpiece of Coltrane’s signature tells good of the music. For Ugomma, variates choices made was rapped with a hitech symphony by The Verve’s “Bitter Sewwt Symphony”

For Adeyemi Akinsanya, most of his choice reflected his age, basically orchestra music but he also mellowed with a song from the Preacher wife movie sang by Whitney Houston. However, there was a moment of reckoning when he stired the audience with a peculiar choice – Tom & Jerry’s soundtrack, “Overture.” This particular choice cut everyone attention and Akinsanya made good the story behind it. It is a song everyone should be familiar with but never paid heed so much.

Then Lady Ibru; her features were very sensational. From Nina Simone to Mary J. blidge and down to Nigeria’s Timi Dakolo “Iyawo mi.” This song got some people off their feet with noticeable couple dancing. The chairman, Guardian Newspapers brought the show to a new dimension when her choice was a moment of ‘bring the roof down.

’ Over the years, several guests have tried to dance a bit of their favourite choices but Lady Meiden Alex-Ibru decided to introduce a dancing session with members of the audience joining her. The last song was Electric and this particular song shakes the hall with an unplanned stage performance by her and some ladies who gigged in the true steps of the music.

It was really a night to remember having heard the audience craving for more.

Meanwhile, the MUSON Festival continued with other programmes that include art fair, talent hunt, drama, musical and jazz party.

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