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Makeup: Ladies list reasons for patronising ‘mobile’ dealers in Abuja

Makeup: Ladies list reasons for patronising ‘mobile’ dealers in Abuja

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Some makeup enthusiast in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have admitted that they prefer to get makeup products from roadside vendors rather than accredited stores.

Respondents, who spoke to News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday, argued that the proximity of the roadside vendors over designated stores increased their viability.

They also stated that most make up products were overpriced at designated retail stores, adding that they only shopped there when they felt like splurging.

Miss Chiamaka Azubuike, a banker, told NAN that she did not find the need of visiting a retail store at a mall when she could easily pick up the product in traffic or while shopping at the market.

“My job already ties me down and these road side vendors have good products. What is the point of going through stress when I have them close by?” she said.

According to a student, Miss Jacqueline Ochei, the products are too expensive at the designated retail stores compared to roadside vendors.

“I love makeup and I know what product to get and how they work for me. I cannot buy the exact thing for a higher price when I can get it for less on the roadside.

“It is almost like the designated makeup stores charge you for rent, air conditioning and packaging. Otherwise, there is no much difference,” Ochei said.

However, some other respondents told NAN that while they would rather get all their products from roadside vendors, they had exemptions on products that needed to be purchased in designated stores.

Miss Precious Ndon, a content developer said that she only bought things like eye pencils, lashes, powders and lipsticks from roadside vendors.

According to her, she purchases items such as foundations, primers, serums and edge control from designated stores, where she is sure of getting the right shade and texture for her skin type.

“The roadside vendors are more accessible and affordable. But, most times, you may purchase the wrong foundation shade because the vendors are not experts.

“When I want to get skin sensitive items, I go to the designated stores where there are experts’’, Ndon said.

Similarly, makeup artist, Miss Annette Izibili, advised that skin sensitive products should be purchased from designated stores, while the others could be bought from the road.

“You want to prevent breakout and acne when you use makeup, hence it is better to get it at registered stores. However, I agree that these stores are usually overpriced.

“But let us not forget that some of the roadside products are fake hence they spoil your skin if you are not careful.
“Moreover, they are also cheaper because they do not offer you professional advice alongside sales of the products. One has to be careful,” Izibili said.

Meanwhile, Miss Frances Omotayo, a makeup store owner and beauty specialist, told NAN that the products seemed more expensive in stores because they were original.

She added that because there were really good imitations all around, buyers might not know the differences.

“People forget that we have to pay for the store, shipping of these original products and also offer you advice. This is why these products are more expensive here.

“A lot of people have been buying fake for a long time and are not aware. This is responsible for so many skin conditions.

“The stores are still the safest places to buy original and long lasting products,” Omotayo said.

However, a roadside vendor Naeto Chukwuma told NAN that the products were not fake, as he and other vendors bought them from accredited distributors.

“People have been saying we sell fake products because they want to bring down our business. However none of my customers have complained so far,” he said.

According to Chukwuma, lipsticks sold between N300 and N700 in Wuse , Utako and Garki market depending on the brand; while in shops, they go for between N1,500 and N8,000.

“Also prices of foundations and primers on the roadside goes for N3,000 and N5,000 while similar products sell stores between N4,500 and N25,000.

When asked if he could offer professional advice on how the products should be used, Chukwuma said “I am almost a makeup expert because I have been selling for so many years.’’

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