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Malami should have kept quiet

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By Dr. Ugoji Egbujo

It hurts to read puerile legal arguments from a nation’s chief law officer. There is no excuse for disobeying a court order. There can be no legal justification for keeping in indefinite custody,  man a court of competent jurisdiction has granted bail.

Malami should have kept quiet.

Abubakar Malami (SAN) 

When you try to rationalise injustice with legal arguments you mangle the law and set very dangerous precedents.

It was difficult to know if Malami was discussing Law or philosophy.  On both accounts he failed woefully.

Malami in arguing for the continued arbitrary detention of Dasuki said that Dasuki committed an offence against thousands and therefore a judge cannot determine his qualification for bail? That was his argument. He cites no legal authority for his strange reasoning.

It’s ridiculous. Malami is a SAN. If a high court judge can’t decide whether an accused person deserves bail, is it Malami that can decide it. Is it Buhari that should decide it.

I don’t think Buhari has listened to his vice president on the Dasuki matter.

If Malami’s reasoning is stretched then every corrupt politician should be denied bail once charged. Because the monies they steal and opportunities they pilfer cost millions of lives of children who die daily from malnutrition and preventable diseases which the government should protect them from; which embezzlement allowed happen.

The body of benchers should be troubled. Our legal education is too poor. Legal professional ethics in Nigeria means nothing even to the most senior of lawyers.

How can a nation’s Attorney General explain the law to the public the way Malami did?  Would Malami expect law students to learn from him?

Anywhere else Malami would not make these childish arguments because his grand children would read it and mourn his shallowness.

Dasuki has to be released.

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