Marinos Suites and Event Centre, Lagos, stands out

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There are many hotels in Lagos with different missions, catch names and bogus structures.

Some are there in the name of hotels without having definite branding focus and purpose. Some are there priding themselves  with respected brand name offering nothing. While some are there living up to their own name by offering excellent service within standards of set rules.

In Alausa area, along Jobi Fele Road, Ikeja, there is a tall structure, with the name Martinos Suites, which stands upright, towers above others and stands like a colossus surveying the area in case of an intruder.

This time around this building is neither a watch man’s post nor a colossus of war, but a heavenly abode planted to offer the true meaning of what is called hospitality without venturing out of the premises.

Bearing in mind the need for visitors to Lagos and residents respectfully to have a first class rated hotel of reference, where the major travellers and hospitality buyers’ needs could be fetched via, accommodation, good cuisine, bar and restaurant, night club and disco, outside bar for fun, event centre and board room, all in a single building.

It is a unique hotel with tradition of service that dovetails to the satisfaction of customers.

Just 20 exotic rooms, splashed in luxury and quality fixtures and, each room offering a panoramic view of Lagos via Ikeja axis.

The board room offers excellent meeting ambience where executive decision can be reached with ease without sweat while the coffee/tea/drink room is there to ease tension and relax before continuation of boardroom politics.

The event halls have the capacity of harbouring 1500 guests both at its main bowl and gallery, while the outside bar caters for those who wish to unwind and exercise their smoking, drinking and dancing right

The Night Club is a mystic of disco paraphernalia which prides itself of having the grace of festival of lights and colours with series of songs of night.

Martinos Suites and Events centre is uniquely set for that consumer of hospitality service who genuinely seeks the value for his money and taste

The human component is not only warm, but made of those who embrace and express in thought, act and deed quality customers’ relations.

Martinos Suites and Event Centre have an answer to your quests on hospitality service. Just in Ikeja Lagos. You are okay with them.

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