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Marital sexual fulfilment during recession

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LET me draw our attention to the  need for married couples to exercise great understanding during economic low turn for them to be sexually fulfilled, by sharing the experience of a man in this regard.

“ I have been married for more than two decades now, and after initial struggle with poor sexlife, I have been having sexual fulfilment in my marriage. However, in recent times, I have not been sexually active due to my financial situation, which is very poor. I have been struggling with the situation for years, but I think it is taking its toll on me. These days, sex is the last thing on my mind. All that occupies my mind is how to overcome the financial challenge, in order to fulfill my obligations toward my family and others.

I have since realised that sex can be negatively affected by financial status. It is when you are able to meet financial obligations that you are up and doing in the bedroom. In fact, for a period of three weeks, to be modest, it may not cross my mind to ask my wife for sex. I am a loyal husband not given to extramarital relationship. So, don’t think I settle myself outside. My wife also is a good wife, and she doesn’t have flair for extra marital relationship as well. We have come to accept that we can have sex at the instance of either of us. So, we get along sexually with this arrangement.”

What are the revelations from the above?

A couple’s financial situation has an effect on the sexual arousal. You may not be able to experience usual sexual arousal when the finance is poor or low. It is not abnormal if you experience a low sex drive in such a time.

A couple must show great understanding during this period of financial meltdown, to experience sexual fulfilment. Partners should cooperate with each other to ensure that their sexlife does not suffer.

The wife especially has a great role to play in sexually motivating her husband in such a time. She should realise that her husband may not find it convenient to ask her for sex, especially if he is the responsible type. She may have to go all out to make him come out of his shell for sex.

A couple, in recession period, must therefore be proactive in ensuring sexual fulfilment, to avoid marital disharmony, while taking steps to overcome financial challenges during a time like this in our nation. Sexual fulfilment in marriage has a great role to play in stemming suicide tide currently sweeping through the nation, Nigeria. Couples must therefore ensure sexual fulfilment despite the current financial concerns facing a lot of people today.

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Couples must avoid wrong approach to secure sexual fulfilment. A wrong route will never lead to the right destination. You can not use pain reliever to cure stomach upset. Otherwise, the situation becomes complicated. In essence, having extra marital relationship as a way to secure sexual fulfilment is a wrong step to take. It’s an I’ll wind that blows no one any good. So, it should be avoided like a plague by couples. The “ blessings” is nothing compared to the “curses”. Victims of extra marital relationship don’t have good stories to tell at the end of the day.

So, instead of using the wrong approach of extra marital affairs, couples should face their challenges together headlog and fix them. Temporary setback should not be allowed to ruin a great future ahead of them. With full cooperation, couples can win together in life. All what is required is the will power. Where and when there is a will, there will always be a way. So, let us win together in our marriage.

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