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Medallion Communications, MDXi, others call for more investment in ICT infrastructure

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Stakeholders and Data centre operators among other industry players in the telecoms sector have posited that Nigeria needed a minimum of 72 centres to boost connectivity and quality of services in the country.

These stakeholders included interconnect houses and data centre operators who are also big players in the telecoms sector of Nigeria.

The stakeholders spoke during the breakfast meeting organised by the Nigeria Information Technology Reporters’ Association (NITRA) in Lagos recently.

Speakers at the forum called on the government as well as other well-meaning Nigerians to invest more in technological infrastructure for data centres to operate efficiently.

According to them, the country’s  data landscape needs more players for growth.

For instance, Mr Ike Nnamani, Managing Director, Medallion Communication, urged the Federal Government to provide an enabling environment for the growth of the centres.

“The level of local hosting is very low. There is need to build awareness among the public to ensure that they understand the benefits attached to hosting data locally.

“There is also a serviceable agreement that stipulates penalties when there is a breach in facility securement as most breaches are actually human,” he said.

Again, Mr Ezekiel Egboye, Director of Operations, Rack Centre, Lagos, said that Nigeria had inadequate technology infrastructure.

Egboye said that the country would have to invest more in technology infrastructure for the centres to be among global players.

“Data centre connectivity and service play an important role in an economy.

“There should be an enabling environment, which has to do with good power supply, capable manpower and proper control,” he said.

Also, Mr Gbenga Adegbiji, General Manager, MDXi, said that a data economy would require adequate infrastructure.

He said that the country was low in the technology readiness infrastructure because it was not utilising technology well.

Adegbiji urged newsmen to create more awareness on the importance of data domiciliation in the country.

According to him, hosting of data outside exposes the country to risks.

He listed the advantages of data hosting in the country to include security, job creation and local content development.

He said that the business benefits of hosting data included elimination of capex, providing flexibility for growth, quick deployment and optimal connectivity.

In his welcome address, the Chairman of NITRA, Mr Emma Okonji, condemned hosting of data outside the country, blaming it for insecurity and high cost.

He called for formulation of policies that would ensure hosting of data in the country.

Okonji urged data centre operators to work harder to move to the next level.

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