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Minimum wage: Nnamdi Kanu calls Labour Union to join in election boycott

Minimum wage: Nnamdi Kanu calls Labour Union to join in election boycott

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Jeff Amechi Agbodo, Onitsha

Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, has called on the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to join IPOB in its election boycott campaign.

Kanu, in another broadcast on Radio Biafra in Israel, on Sunday, said that the Labour Union demand could be met with minimal fuss before presidential elections of next year if the workers remain resolute and determined not to vote.

He said:, “Nigerian workers are on a minimum wage of N18,000  per month which is roughly $48 equivalent.

“Recently they have been begging the government to increase it to N30, 000  about $85 per month.

“So, far the government have refused. This demand can be met with minimal fuss before presidential elections of next year if the workers remain resolute and determined not to vote.

“We call on all labour unions in Nigeria to join IPOB in election boycott campaign”.

On infrastructural development, Kanu said that the entire Biafra land was left out despite the fact that money being used to develop the country is being generated from the zone, hence the call for restoration of the Biafra.

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“How many of you are aware that ongoing work on railway construction does not include Biafraland? Abeokuta train station is under construction for the proposed Lagos to Ibadan railway project with money gotten from our land.

“Transport Minister Chibuike Amaechi is an Igbo man but no new railway construction is going an anywhere in Biafraland.

“What type of abomination did the ancients commit that has led the Creator to punish us like this?”.

“Second Niger Bridge is not built and will never be built by Nigeria. Life is unbearable for the common man.

“Nothing is working; only pain and hardship all around. When will this torture end? Dear Lord, when will you give us blacks the common sense to rise up and say no to evil politicians?

“The Kaduna Abuja rail project has been completed by another Igbo man Goodluck Jonathan but Biafra land where he comes from, there is nothing.

“The same one Nigeria mindset that drove Nnamdi Azikiwe to ignore his people in favor of Northern Nigeria is at play again.

“Work is ongoing on the Maiduguri-Kano segment of their railway project, nothing in Igboland, nothing in Ijawland, nothing in Efik, Ibibio, Isoko, Itsekiri, Urhoboh, Annang, Igala, Idoma/Igede…..absolutely nothing.

“Instead they are bringing cattle colony, Fulani cattle terrorism and ethnic cleansing.

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“We are facing annihilation and all the criminal political class is interested in is voting.

“To renew their looting mandate. To renew the certificate of slavery and impoverish everyone in the process. They have given us unimaginable pain and misery.

“We cannot allow them to continue toying with our lives. We must bring the reign of terror to an end and take back the power from this class of charlatans and criminals.

“As an unemployed graduate struggling with Okada or Keke Napep with a masters degree, do you want to vote for the same people that messed up your life or you want an impactful positive change that will benefit you and everyone else?

“Successive state governors crippled industries in our land and so it is across Nigeria.

“Huge employment generators like Ajaokuta Steel Complex is moribund because those you revere as intellectuals and political elites are compound illiterates and blockheads.

“If IPOB couldn’t be divided in over a year of my absence, how can they hope they will succeed now that I have assumed total command of the push to restore Biafra?

“I have nothing against anybody but if you wish to rejoin IPOB, simply go to your nearest family meeting and beg them for forgiveness.

“Some Biafrans and the teeming masses of Nigerian are still suffering due to ignorance, lack of knowledge and irrational fear of the British-backed Fulani killing machine which we are here to dispel.

“The Fulani cabal must fall alongside the zoo called Nigeria.

“The reign of Fulani illiterate terrorists can be brought to an end immediately if other Nigerians can be as courageous as we in IPOB.

“I know that our brothers in Yorubaland are worried about their survival without oil revenue from Biafraland and rightly so.

“I want to assure them that oil and gas will be piped free to Yorubaland for eternity to help them grow their economy.

“The same gesture will be extended to Hausa Fulani and every other part of Nigeria because I know that without oil, survival will be almost impossible in the north.

“They manufacture nothing, they create nothing and they build nothing, all they do is to consume,” Kanu stated.

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